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Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Vision Statement

To become a leader in generating human capital with excellence in innovative thinking and entrepreneurship skills that enable them convert novel ideas to successful enterprises.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster and support innovation and entrepreneurship across ACK, through advantageous education, training, research and functions including distinctive outreach programs, networking initiatives, and cooperation with strategic organizations.


  • Build student entrepreneurial skills;
    • Developing an academic curriculum that supports critical thinking and entrepreneurship.


  • Up-skill idea-owners to transform business ideas into feasible and viable business operations;
    • Providing specialised training courses to acquire the right entrepreneurship skills.


  • Create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship;
    • Establishing marketing communications to promote IE;
    • Organizing talks and seminars by specialists and entrepreneurs;
    • Inviting alumni to speak about their successful start-ups and entrepreneurship;
    • Show and share information about the top successful IE worldwide.


  • Build a knowledge centre for IE;
    • Encouraging research in the area of IE;
    • Presenting papers in international conferences;
    • Subscribing with top IE magazines and journals.


  • Foster excellence in IE;
    • Organizing business plans competitions.


  • Support networking and outreach initiatives;
    • Establishing contacts with the industry that are value adding to IE;
    • Organizing forums and conferences;
    • Progressing visiting expert program.


  • Support commercialisation of academic intellectual property.


Dr. Sam Toglaw
Manager - Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

Organization Structure