Alumni and Career Placement Center

The center supports, engages, and maintains strong relationships with over 5,350 alumni and provides career guidance and placement for alumni and prospective graduates. In addition, the center provides services for enhancing the professional and personal development of our graduates.


    • Career Counseling for studies or work
    • Career Placement Services
    • Career Days
    • Career Fairs
    • Networking Events
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Service activities
    • Supporting Alumni Business
    • Site Visits
    • Alumni Awards
    • Lifetime Alumni Email Account
    • Alumni Discount Cards

Alumni Card

Benefits of this card:

    • Entry to College Campus.
    • Discounts on Courses and Workshops.
    • Discounts on Book Purchases.
    • Discounts on a Booth at any ACK Bazaar. 
    • Discounted rates at Cafes, Restaurants, Health Clubs, Clothing Stores, Internet Services, Clinics and Travel Agencies.

If you would like to apply for the Alumni Card, send an email to, including your picture and your student ID number.


Gathering feedback from our alumni:

The center is gathering feedback from alumni to check their overall satisfaction with their experience at the College for the College’s drive for excellence. 
If you are an alumnus or alumna, please fill out the survey: ACK Alumni Evaluation Form

Gathering feedback from our employers:

The center is gathering feedback from employers of our graduates to check the employer satisfaction of our graduates.
If you are an employer of our graduates, please fill out the survey: ACK Alumni Employer Evaluation Form

Social Media

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn: ack_alumni
Twitter: @ack__alumni
WhatsApp: +965 96960487