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Services and Benefits

The Center offers a myriad of services and benefits to our Alumni that range from personal to professional development, which is described as follows:

  • Career Counseling (studies / work) and Career Placement Services
  • Career Fairs
  • Networking Events
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Service
  • Supporting Alumni Business
  • Site Visits
  • Alumni Awards
  • Lifetime Alumni Email Account
  • Alumni ID Cards
  • Alumni Discount Cards


The Benefits of the Free Alumni Card:

  • Entry into College Campus
  • Discounts on Courses and Workshops
  • Discounts on Book Purchases
  • Discounts on any Booth at any ACK Bazaar 
  • Discounted rates at Cafes, Restaurants, Health Clubs, Clothing Stores, Internet Services, Clinics and Travel Agencies

Example: Food Companies (Buffalos, Quiznos, Aubergine, Jeans Grill, Waterfront, Layalina Café, Au Bon Pain – Avenues, Wasabi – Avenues, Al-Bedaa, Izakaya, Butcher’s Den, Prime & Toast, Pizzetta, Spoons, Ruby Tuesdays, Mearmisha)


Alumni Card.jpg


If you would like to apply, send an email to ackalumni@ack.edu.kw, including your picture and your student ID number.