Business Management

The Business Management Department offering:

The Business Management Department is committed to providing a solid foundation in business and management with a hands-on, experiential learning.  We aspire to develop business leadership to transform the lives of our students and provide the industry with ethical global leaders who are sensitive towards protecting the environment and are passionate about making significant societal contributions.

Diploma of Management

The Diploma of Management is a general business qualification for students who wish to gain a broad understanding of management principles and practices across a wide range of businesses. This Diploma is a four-semester program designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to gain entry level management positions in private business and the public sector.

General Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Manage the performance of teams and/or employees.
  • Develop budgets and manage the budgeting process.
  • Manage projects.
  • Analyze and present research.
  • Ensure that your workplace is safe.
  • Manage customer service.
  • Apply management principles that are able to increase workplace productivity at the operational level.
  • Translate and develop management concepts into workplace action plans.
  • Improve team performance and facilitate change.
  • Develop and apply strategies to improve business performance.
Diploma Plan
Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-requisites Credits
16SMGB110 Business Computer Applications N/A 3
16SFSP111 English for Business N/A 3
16SMRB114 Marketing Principles N/A 3
16SMGB112 Management Principles N/A 3
16SMGB113 Business Communications N/A 3
Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-requisites Credits
16SMRB120 Economics I 16SMRB114 16SMGB112 3
16SMGB124 Event Management 16SMGB110 16SFSP111 3
16SMRB121 Accounting Principles 16SMGB110 3
16SMGB122 Introduction to Business Law 16SFSP111 3
16SMAT128 Business Mathematics 16SFSP111 3
Semester 3
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-requisites Credits
16SMGB215 Service Management 16SMGB124 3
16SMRB210 Business Research 16SMAT128 3
16SMGB214 Business Leadership 16SMRB120 3
16SMRB211 Business Planning 16SMGB122 16SMRB120 3
16SMGB212 Business Internship I 16SMRB120 16SMGB122 16SHRB124 3
Semester 4
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-requisites Credits
16SMGB222 International Business 16SMGB214 16SMRB211 3
16SHRB221 Change Management 16SHRB214 3
16SMGB223 Innovation & Entrepreneurship 16SMRB211 3
16SMGB224 Small Business Plan 16SMRB211 16SMRB210 3
16SHRB220 Business Internship II 16SMGB212 3

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Bachelor of Business Management

The Bachelor of Business Management program is committed to providing students with general business management education and technical knowledge necessary to enter the management profession and to pursue a successful professional career. In the management major at ACK, students will study topics including entrepreneurship, strategic management, human resources, business communication, business ethics, and organizational behavior. The field of management offers challenging and rewarding opportunities in supervisory and administrative positions in both private business and governmental agencies.  The Bachelor of Business in Management program is endorsed by Central Queensland University in Australia.

General Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ethics, social responsibility, and the legal environment of contemporary business.
  • Understand the importance of the global business environment and its interconnection with core management processes, systems, and structures.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of human resource management and its impact on organizational culture, change, and diversity.
  • Use quantitative skills to facilitate management decision making and/ or problem-solving.
  • Apply management theories and concepts in real-world organizations and situations.
  • Understand the dimensions of the entrepreneurial behaviors of innovation, creativity, and risk taking.
Bachelor Plan
Unit Code Unit Code and Title Pre-requisites
151MGB311 ACCT11059 Using Accounting for Decision Making Nil
151MGB312 ECON11026 Principles of Economics Nil
151HRB313 HRMT11010 Organizational Behavior Nil
151MGB314 LAWS11030 Introductory and Contract Law Nil
151MGB321 MGMT11109 Introduction to Management Nil
151MRB322 MRKT11029 Marketing Fundamentals Nil
151HRB323 HRMT11011 Human Resources in Organizations Nil
151MGB324 STAT11048 Essential Statistics Nil
151HRB411 HRMT19020 Managing Organizational Change 48 credit points – equivalent of one year full-time study.
151MGB412 MGMT19105 Quality Management 24 credit points – equivalent of one term full-time study.
151MGB413 MGMT19126 Production and Operations Management Nil – but this is likely to change to one year full-time study
151MGB414 MGMT13151 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and New Ventures 48 credit points – equivalent of one year full-time study.
151MRB412 MRKT19037 International Marketing MRKT11029 / 151MRB322
151MRB422 MRKT19049 Customer Relationship Marketing MRKT11029 / 151MRB322
151MRB423 MRKT19040 Marketing Plans MRKT11029 / 151MRB322
151MGB424 MGMT19128 Business Integration Final semester unit

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