Human Resources Management

Department offering:

Diploma of Human Resources Management

We strive to provide an experiential learning model which provides our graduates with the knowledge, practical skills and attitude required for developing, maintaining and excelling in their professional careers.

We combine classroom learning with industrial exposure. Throughout their studies, our students receive support and guidance needed to master the knowledge areas they chose and graduate with confidence to build successful business careers. As John Dewey said: “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”
We are proud of our experienced faculty members who are committed to excellence in teaching and research. Our qualified faculty will continue to offer excellent business education that is linked to the real world. They strive in preparing our students to become future business leaders.

Diploma of Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management program has been designed to help human resources professionals succeed as strategic partners within their organization. It is focused on managing valuable resources; attracting and retaining people within an organization and, most importantly, managing and motivating staff to contribute effectively to the aims and objectives of the organization.

This specialization teaches students all aspects of HRM and provides the skills and knowledge to pursue a specialist career in this discipline, which is vital to the overall success of a business. This program has a pathway into the Bachelor of Business Management Program.

General Learning Outcomes

Students gain knowledge and applied skills in the key human resources disciplines of:

  • Recruitment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Training
  • Employee Relations
  • Workforce Planning
  • Compensation
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Behavior
Diploma Plan
Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits
16SMGB110 Business Computer Applications N/A 3
16SFSP111 English for Business N/A 3
16SMRB114 Marketing Principles N/A 3
16SMGB112 Management Principles N/A 3
16SMGB113 Business Communications N/A 3
Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits
16SMRB120 Economics I



16SMGB124 Introduction to HR Management 16SMGB112 3
16SMRB121 Accounting Principles 16SMGB110 3
16SMGB122 Introduction to Business Law 16SFSP111 3
16SMAT128 Business Mathematics 16SFSP111 3
Semester 3
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits
16SHRB214 Workforce Planning 16SHRB124 3
16SMRB210 Business Research 16SMAT128 3
16SHRB211 Manage Recruitment Processes 16SHRB124 3
16SHRB213 Manage Separation or Termination 16SHRB124
16SMGB212 Business Internship I 16SMRB120
Semester 4
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits
16SHRB222 Performance Management 16SHRB211 3
16SHRB221 Change Management 16SHRB214 3
16SHRB223 Manage Compensation & Benefits 16SHRB214
16SHRB224 Manage Employee Relations 16SHRB214 3
16SHRB220 Business Internship II 16SMGB212 3

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