Petroleum Engineering

Department offering:

We offer a two-pronged approach to the Petroleum Engineering educational sequence, equally focusing on both the upstream and downstream parts of Hydrocarbon Recovery. Students are exposed to almost all areas pertaining to the Hydrocarbon Recovery Process, starting from Drilling, Exploration, Reservoir and Production Engineering, down to Gas Processes Engineering, Oil and Gas Facilities Design and Operation, Upgrading and Refining Operations and even up to its Economic Analysis. This program allows our students to respond efficiently to the challenges of Kuwait's oil industry.

The Department remains dynamic to reflect changes in, as well as growing needs of Kuwait, in the area of recovery of natural resources and its related fields. As such, the programs in the department are both robust and adaptable to Kuwait’s current and future needs, especially pertaining to those areas under hydrocarbon recovery.

There is a strong demand for places within the Department of Petroleum at ACK reflecting the status of Kuwait as one of the world’s top oil producers.

All our students enjoy the Department’s close relationship with the industry and research institutions; for knowledge expansion and for recruitment purposes. ACK graduates are in high demand, both for their language skills and their technical capabilities. We invite you to explore our webpage and consider the possibility of undertaking your Petroleum Engineering studies within our industry recognized setting.

Diploma of Petroleum Engineering

The Diploma of Petroleum Engineering is specifically designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the areas of oil and gas, in particular with reference to the oil and gas industry in Kuwait.  This is an Australian-endorsed program and on successful completion of all requirements, a student will be awarded a Diploma of Petroleum Engineering by ACK and endorsed by Centeral Queensland University in Australia.

General Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Apply science and engineering fundamentals and industry-standard hardware and software tools to solving problems.
  • Prepare and conduct tests in the practice area, and analyze and interpret data.
  • Perform tasks and procedures in a support role.
  • Read and produce engineering drawings.
  • Understand and apply relevant standards and codes of practice.
  • Identify and apply engineering design principles of a standardized nature.
  • Appreciate and apply the principles of health and safety in the workplace.
  • Recognize the impact of engineering practice in global, economic, environmental and societal contexts.
Diploma Plan
Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits Delivery
Lect. Lab
15FFSP110 English for Engineering NA 3 3 0
15FMAT116 Engineering Mathematics I NA 3 3 0
15FMAT119 Applied Physics NA 3 3 2
15FPTE110 Petroleum Engineering Technology: Ethics & Practices NA 3 3 0
15FPTE111 Hydrocarbons Chemistry NA 3 3 2
Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits Delivery
Lect. Lab
15FMAT127 Engineering Mathematics II 15FMAT116 3 3 0
15FPTE120 Petroleum Engineering Materials 15FPTE111 3 3 2
15FPTE121 Health & Safety at Work Places 15FPTE110 3 3 0
15FPTE122 Petroleum Geology 15FPTE110 3 3 2
15FPTE123 Fluid and Thermodynamics



3 3 2
Semester 3
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits Delivery
Lect. Lab
15FELE130 Internship(Optional) After completing 27CH 3 - -
15FPTE210 Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties 15FPTE122 3 3 2
15FPTE211 Drilling and Completion 15FPTE122 3 3 2
15FPTE212 Upstream Production 15FPTE123 3 3 0
15FPTE213 Environmental Issues in Oil and Gas Industry 15FPTE121 3 3 0
15FPTE214 Oil Refining 15FPTE120 3 3 2
Semester 4
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits Delivery
Lect. Lab
15FPTE220 Well Logging 15FPTE211 3 3 0
15FPTE221 Reservoir Engineering 15FPTE210 3 3 2
15PTE222 Down Stream Production and Gas Processing 15FPTE212 3 3 0
15FPTE223 Instrumentation and Control 15FPTE214 3 3 2
15FPTE224 Equipment and Maintenance (PBL)




3 3 3

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Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Petroleum)

The Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Petroleum) degree is offered at ACK on a full time basis. Bachelor is endorsed by Cape Breton University, Canada (CBU) and is accredited by the Private Universities Council of Kuwait.

The Bachelor at ACK follows the same syllabi and standards as the Bachelor delivered at Cape Breton University, which in Canada has a technology and practical skills flavor and is designed for students who have completed an Engineering Diploma. The graduates are qualified to work in various petroleum industries including the oil and gas exploration, drilling, and production operations in the marine environment.

General Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Solve broadly-defined engineering problems using theory-based analytical techniques.
  • Design components and systems in the engineering discipline.
  • Work as part of a team to implement and complete engineering projects.
  • Design and implement tests in the practice area, and analyze and interpret data.
  • Supervise and mentor technical and non-technical support staff in the workplace.
  • Ensure health and safety in the workplace.
Bachelor Plan
Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits
151MAT316 Physics I N/A 4
151MAT314 MATH III N/A 4
151PTE312 Petroleum Process Simulation N/A 3
151PTE313 Materials and Equipment N/A 3
151PTE314 Programmable Logic Controllers PLC’s (PBL) N/A 6
Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits
151MAT327 Physics II PHYS1101 4
151PTE321 Engineering Geology N/A 3
151PTE322 Engineering Economics MATH2104 3
151PTE323 Advanced Process Simulation PETR2163 6
151PTE324 Fluid Mechanics

PHYS 1101

MATH 2104

Semester 3
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits
151PTE333 Internship 151PTE323 4
151PTE410 Project Design and Evaluation ENGI 2101 3
151PTE411 Process Control and Optimization Systems ELEC2168 3
151PTE412 Selected Topics ENGI 2101 6
151PTE413 Drilling Engineering ENGI1168 3
151PTE414 Environmental Ethics N/A 3
Semester 4
Unit Code Unit Name Pre-Requisites Credits
151PTE420 Sr. Petroleum Project PETR 3133 3
151PTE421 Codes, Standards and Specs in Oil Industry PETR3163 3
151PTE422 Environmental Protection PHIL 2107 6
151PTE423 Reservoir Engineering PETR1161 3
151PTE424 Management of Tech Innovation I N/A 3