ACK Founder Message

Kuwait is well positioned to grow as a regional leader in commerce and industry; however, in the process we must preserve our core culture and heritage.  Accordingly, as our name suggests, the Australian College of Kuwait aims to bring quality international experiential education models and apply these within the context of our beloved homeland.  Together, we must build on the past for a brighter future by availing the best education to our community.

ACK is more than a place of academic learning.  It is a vibrant community of over 3000 students and 400 staff who each have their own ambitions and drives to promote ACK to become one of the leading higher education institutions not only in Kuwait but the Gulf States and the region.  Our target is to guide and support students as they lay the foundations to convert their dreams into achievable goals.  Accordingly, our primary core value is to “enable human potential within a culture of care.”

In addition to its role in teaching, learning and training, ACK is building and developing a research environment in cooperation with national and international partners. Its output in this regard is reflected in the scientific publications of its academic faculty members.

I welcome you to our website as we commence our 2018/2019 academic year and take this opportunity to proudly acknowledge the dedication of our ACK community. They are all committed, each in their own specialized roles, to make the learning and life journey at ACK a fruitful and fulfilling experience for our students.

Thank you for visiting the ACK website.  Our Board of Trustees members are all committed to provide the right environment for students to develop to their full potential not only regarding their future career but as engaged members of our community.

Mr. Abdullah A. O. Al-Sharhan
ACK Founder, Australian College of Kuwait