Industrial Advisory Boards


In 2014, the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK or the College) established the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), at different levels (College and School). These boards are an integral component of ACK’s management structure as they provide a link between key stakeholders in the industry and the College.The College’s dynamic and active IABs are comprised of senior and executive leaders from a wide spectrum of industries in the public and private sectors. IABs members provide high level strategic advice on areas of curriculum development and support in the provision of research-informed and practice-based education. This is key as it allows the College to design its courses from an industrial perspective to ensure its graduates are in-demand and employable. ACK’s IABs act as a reference point in research and outreach agendas and assist the College in accessing a pool of experts in the industry. They also lend their knowledge and expertise to support ACK in realizing its mission and vision.

Industrial Advisory Boards: