ACK Philosophy & Goals

ACK’s Educational Philosophy

ACK philosophy was established based on firstly; The Magna Charta Universitatum that explains the role and governance of the university. Secondly, the UNESCO vision on teaching and learning as declared in its document, Learning the Treasure Within (learning to know, to do, to be and to live together). Thirdly; the World Declaration on Higher Education for the Twenty – First Century and Fourthly; the Bologna Declaration. This was translated into ACK philosophy with the following aspects:

  1. ACK was founded as an institution of experiential learning with the 2+2 model that nurtures the three pillars of requisite knowledge, practical skills and positive attitude in preparation for workplace success. Offering programs upon completion of two years of study followed by a two year program and awarded Bachelor degree are ACK Niche in Higher Education.
  2. Integrating classroom learning with hands-on technical and experimental practice, a philosophy that has contributed to the Institution’s success and to that of its graduates over the years. This underlying pedagogy, along with pioneering Project Based Learning model that was adapted in the School of Engineering and School of Business programs, has helped ACK achieve recognition as a reputable national institution and secured a market presence and, taking pride in continuously modernizing its curriculum and teaching and learning practices to be in line with global standards in Higher Education.
  3. ACK’s overarching goal is to combine the experimental, technological, and theoretical dimensions of learning in order to equip graduates with attributes necessary to join the national or regional work force, to become self-employed entrepreneurs or pursue graduates studies.
  4. Maintain close communication with its Industry Advisory Board locally and with its Strategic Higher Education Institutions partners for quality education as well as with Professional Associations internationally in order to ensure ACK Alumni are employed and ready to join the workforce industry or start their own business as entrepreneurs.
  5. Industry partnerships to ensure that its academic programs meet industry skills requirements and that its students secure potential internship and employment opportunities.
    ACK nurtures research and scholarship by adding committed scholars to its faculty and by supporting their scholarly work through Joint Research arrangements with its local and international partners.
  6. Invests in infrastructure that facilitates project based learning, interactive teaching facilities, electronics libraries, research laboratories, as well as simulators, entrepreneurial facilities and utilities in order to maximize the quality of the learning environment.
  7. ACK’s core role pillar of “enabling human potential within a culture of care is manifested through its accommodation of students with learning difficulties or disabilities throughout their period of stay at ACK.
  8. In addition to our qualified faculty members, commitment towards the learning of students, ACK faculty members are involved in academic research Committee with the Strategic Partner, CQUniversity. During the past two years, our College also liaised closely with the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science to co-host conferences.

ACK’s Strategic Goals

Goal 1: An academic curriculum that offers high quality practical tertiary education to respond to the emerging needs of our students and the enterprises which employ them and is supported by our international partners.

Goal 2: A teaching model that is focused on continuous improvement of our teaching is highly valued by our students and our international partners and supported by research relevant to our applied curriculum.

Goal 3: Develop and maintain strong industry partnerships to support program relevance and employability.

Goal 4: A holistic student experience through the provision of academic and career advice, learning support and access to a wide range of opportunities for personal development.

Goal 5: Robust administrative support systems that facilitate the activities of ACK.