ACK’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and Quality Policy


To be among Kuwait’s leading higher education institutions recognized for its leadership, academic excellence, student-centered approach, and innovative research.


The Australian College of Kuwait is a private higher education institution that offers Diploma and Bachelor Degrees, particularly in Business, Engineering, Maritime, and Aviation disciplines. Through our experience-rich programs and research-informed pedagogies, we educate students to become socially responsible citizens who will make an impact nationally and regionally. We are passionate about advancing and exchanging knowledge by fostering Learning, Research and Innovation.


We take PRIDE in who we are.

Progressive We ensure that all of our work and activities are progressive and serve our staff, faculty, students, and community.
Resilience & Adaptability We give our students the necessary skills which will allow them to become resilient and adaptable as they navigate the different stages of their careers and lives.
Integrity Our conduct is based on the principle of integrity and fairness. We maintain the highest possible ethical standards on honesty and cooperation.
Dedication We are dedicated to supporting our students, faculty and staff in their journeys while building a diverse environment that supports growth and development.
Excellence We are committed to providing an education that changes our students’ lives and achieves impact through the application of novel pedagogical approaches.

ACK's Quality Policy

Australian College of Kuwait is committed to providing quality higher education and training by:

  • Adopting a continual improvement approach to ensure quality service in Higher Education and Training to ACK students and trainees.
  • Fostering research and publications in local, regional and international journals with significant impact factor.
  • Ensuring faculty and staff development.
  • Delivering services by effective and efficient management of resources and operations.
  • Complying with the requirements of PUC, ISO 9001:2015 and the relevant accreditation agencies along with all regulatory and ACK partnership requirements.
  • Communicating the quality policy to all stakeholders and ensuring that they are aware of their role and adhering to ACK Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Utilizing feedback from stakeholders and from ACK Alumni for continual improvement of ACK QMS.
  • Conducting regular quality assessment to ensure effective implementation of ACK QMS.
  • Ensuring that ACK QMS that govern ACK facilitates the achievement of ACK goals and objectives.

ACK Quality Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure suitability and sustainability

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