Academic Internship Policy

Internship Policy


The purpose of this document is to set the guiding principles that underpin credit-based internships at


This policy applies to all students who are enrolled in selected programs offered by the School of
Engineering and the School of Business as well as academic and administrative staff whose jobs
include internship related responsibilities.


ACK recognizes the value of experience gained in an occupational setting and incorporates
internships into the curricula for selected Diploma or Degree programs to provide students
opportunities for:

  • Gaining practical and professional experience that is relevant/complimentary to their
    academic study;
  • Applying skills obtained in the College environment to real-life situations and equally
    applying experiences obtained during the internship to the College environment;
  • Acquiring first-hand knowledge of the industry;
  • Developing professional skills, exploring work environments and organizational cultures;
  • Testing career interests and exploring jobs they wish to seek after graduation; and
  • Establishing networking contacts.
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This document provides a general framework for Internship units offered in ACK. Individual
Schools or Departments may develop their own guidelines and procedures which cannot be in
contradiction with the principles included here.

1 General Principles

1.1 An Internship Unit is mandatory in selected programs and optional in others as determined by
the relevant School and approved by the College Curriculum Committee.

1.2 Learning Outcomes of the unit are aligned with the objectives of the relevant program and
documented in a Unit Outline using ACK Unit Outline Template (ACK.FO.VPAC.11.01).

1.3 Internship is credit-based. Credits are determined separately in each program as determined by
the relevant School and approved by the College Curriculum Committee.

1.4 Credit is granted only upon successful completion of all unit requirements. No credit is given
for past work experiences.

1.5 Internship may be offered any time during the Calendar year (which may include Winter,
Spring or Summer break) as determined and duly communicated by the relevant Department or

1.6 An internship can be paid or unpaid in accordance with the terms of employment determined
by the Host Company. ACK has no involvement in salary considerations.

2 Eligibility

2.1 Students who have successfully completed the required pre-requites are eligible to enroll in the
Internship unit. Individual Schools or Departments may require special orientation sessions
before students can commence an internship.

2.2 Students on Disciplinary Suspension are not allowed to enroll until they return to good
disciplinary standing

2.3 The tuition fee for the Internship Unit is calculated at the same rate of other program units.
Students are responsible to register in the unit and pay the associated fees in accordance with
the relevant College policies, procedures and timelines in this regard.

3 Placement

3.1 Placements are the responsibility of the Schools or Departments who will make their best
endeavors to secure an internship.

3.2 An Internship placement need to be approved by the relevant School or Department to ensure
that it:

  • Provides a safe working environment.
  • Provides a quality learning experience; meets all unit requirements, including
    alignment with the Learning Outcomes of the unit.
  • Has clearly defined responsibilities that provide an opportunity for students to apply
    and build on the knowledge and skills obtained in the College environment.
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3.3 Schools or Departments determine their own standards and documentation requirements (i.e.
company profile, job descriptions, details of responsibilities and duties, etc.) for the evaluation
and approval process. Students are responsible to make all documentation available in
accordance with the timelines requested. Internships which are not approved won’t be
receiving credits.

3.4 Once approved, the roles and responsibilities of the student, Host Company and the College in
relation to the internship are formalized in a legally binding agreement.

3.5 Students cannot withdraw one month prior to the starting date of the internship and/or once the
internship company agrees to host them. Request for withdrawals will result in the student
failing the internship unit. Students will remain for the full term of the internship.

4 Student Assessment and Grading

4.1 Students enrolled in the Internship unit are assessed against an Assessment Plan included in the
Unit Outline. All assessments are prepared in accordance with the terms of the Student
Assessment Policy (ACK.PL.VPAC.10) and are subject to Validation and Moderation.

4.2 Students who receive a Fail grade in accordance with the ACK Grading Policy
(ACK.PL.VPAC.05) need to repeat the unit if the completion of unit is mandatory for
graduation. If the unit is optional, Fail grade shall be included in the GPA, but the unit is not
required to be repeated.

5 Attendance

Attendance for student interns is mandatory. Working days and times are specified in the
terms of employment agreed with the Host Company. Excused absences are treated under the
terms of the Student Attendance Policy (ACK.PLR.VPAC.01) and the Host Company’s
policy in this regard. Noncompliant students shall fail the unit.

6 Conduct

Student interns are bound by all policies of ACK and the Host Company. Students are
responsible to familiarize themselves and comply accordingly. Violations are investigated
and disciplined in accordance with the policies of the College and the Host Company.

7 Supervision

7.1 Student Interns are assigned a Faculty Advisor at ACK and a Site Supervisor at the Host

7.2 Faculty Advisors meet with the students prior to the commencement of their internships to
discuss expected learning outcomes and course requirements.

7.3 Faculty Advisors are responsible to grade students, monitor and ultimately evaluate their
progress at the end of the internship. Accordingly, it is expected they maintain a regular
contact with their student interns, their Site Supervisors and conduct at least one visit to the
internship site during the course of the internship.

7.4 Site supervisors provide coaching and supervision to the student interns during the duration of
the internship and assign work tasks in accordance with the agreed terms for employment. Site
supervisors are expected to complete an evaluation of the students at the end of internship
which forms part of students overall assessment.


  • Internship: For the purpose of this document refers to a supervised work-related experience
    undertaken by a student as part of their study at ACK in accordance with the terms of this
  • Host Company: Used interchangeably with Internship Site, refers to a company or person(s)
    hosting an internship.
  • Internship Supervisor: Used interchangeably with Site Supervisor, refers to the person at the
    internship site responsible for providing supervision and mentorship to the student intern.
  • Site Visit: Refers to a visit by an ACK faculty to the student intern at the internship site.
  • Faculty Advisor: Refers to ACK faculty assigned to a student intern for providing supervision
    and mentorship.

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