ACK Attends Official Launch Ceremony for Huawei ICT Skill Competition

ACK Attends Official Launch Ceremony for Huawei ICT Skill Competition

The representatives of the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) attended the official launch ceremony for the Huawei Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Skill Competition. The ceremony was held on Sunday, October 6th 2019 and among the attendees were representatives of Huawei along with representatives from different branches of the government and universities; including The Public Authority for Manpower, The KAFO program, the Kuwait Society of Engineers, Kuwait University, and other private universities.

The ceremony started with a speech from Huawei Deputy CEO, Mr. Yu Peng. Representatives of The Public Authority of Manpower, and the KAFO program also gave speeches during the ceremony. At the end, Huawei awarded trophies as a token of appreciation for the attending government and university representatives.

The Huawei ICT Skill Competition is an annual competition held since 2017 where students compete locally to showcase their skills in ICT for a chance to represent their country in the International ICT Skill Competition in China. The top 3 students in each country are chosen to attend the 3-day International Competition in China. Students will also receive training from Huawei while there.

During last year’s competition, 1st place was awarded to an ACK student, with two ACK students being selected to represent Kuwait in the international competition. This year, among the 227 participating students to compete in Kuwait, 100 of them are ACK students.

Commenting on the passion and hard-work he’s seen from ACK staff and students, Mr. Jun Gao, Director of Public Affairs and the representative of Huawei Kuwait Office, said: “We want to thank ACK. We can feel the passion of ACK’s management team and the students. We want to develop a long and fruitful relationship with the College and we want to support its students to develop their careers in the future.”

The ICT Skill Competition has been very valuable for ACK students, according to Dr. Zeina Nehme, Manager of Alumni and Career Placement Services at ACK.

“We believe in the great benefit of the ICT Skill Competition for our students. We would like to thank Huawei for giving our students such a wonderful opportunity to expand their skills and prepare them for their careers,” added Dr. Nehme.

Posted on Oct. 13, 2019