ACK Awarded the Athletes and Club Members

ACK Awarded the Athletes and Club Members

The Student Life Department at ACK awarded a number of students for their efforts this year as a part of their annual Appreciation Award Ceremony.

This annual event is organized by the Student Life Department to reward outstanding athletes and active club members for their excellent involvement, participation and efforts during many events and competitions that ACK participates in.

A total of forty students were nominated to receive their certificates of appreciation, twenty were from sports teams and the other twenty students were from different ACK students’ clubs. The awarded students were dynamic members of clubs, such as the Cooking Club, the Art Club, the Photography Club and the Music Club, who showed their extra efforts and active involvement with their club activities and performances.

Also dedicated athletes were chosen from ACK sport teams such as football, futsal, volleyball and basketball. The awarded athletes were the ones who showed their commitment by attending all trainings and showed outstanding performances during the games.

“The Student Life Department considers the recognition of students’ performances important as it will motivate them and will increase their engagement during the College events and club activities”, said Mr. Basel Dana, Manager of the Student Life Department.

Posted on Oct. 10, 2019