ACK Awards Outstanding Students for their Achievements

ACK Awards Outstanding Students for their Achievements

Each semester, ACK recognizes outstanding student performance inside and outside the classrooms through Special Academic and Special Achievement Awards.

Within the School of Engineering, a Special Academic Award was allocated to student “Muhammad Etsh” for his graduation project. The Special Academic Award within the School of Business was allocated to student “Rasha Safawi” for her E-business proposal requiring “Investigation, design and implementation of an E-business solution including creation of Website and Social Media Promotion”.

The College not only encourages excellence within the academic field but also in extra-curricular activities. Therefore, Special Achievement Awards are given for outstanding student participation in team and individual sports as well as non-sporting clubs such as Art, Music, Photography and Community Care.

The Special Achievement Award to recognize the one student who stands out above all other excellent sporting achievements either for ACK or at a Kuwait national level was allocated to “Farah Karam”.  To recognize the most outstanding achievement in personal development other than sport, a Special Achievement Award was allocated to “Athari Al-Awadhi”. Service to the ACK and wider community is also strongly encouraged and the recipient of this Special Achievement Award was “Abdulmalek Jbier”.

Posted on May 17, 2016