ACK Celebrates Class of 2020 with Virtual Graduation

ACK Celebrates Class of 2020 with Virtual Graduation

ACK held its graduation ceremony on Wednesday 26th of May 2021, virtually under the Patronage of his Excellency Dr. Mohammed Abdullatif AlFaris, the Minister of Oil and Minister of Higher Education.

The traditional graduation ceremony was shifted due to the Pandemic and scheduled to a virtual celebration with the attendance of ACK’s Board of Trustees, International Partners, ACK academic and administrative employees, Alumni, families and friends of graduating students.

The Pandemic has not stopped ACK Students learning nor helping their peers and the community during the challenging days. At the ceremony, a short film was screened; giving ACK community a trip down memory lane about the obstacles and the challenges that we had to overcome from the beginning of the pandemic in order to pursue our Mission.

The ceremony began with speeches given by Eng. Omar Ali Al-Kandari – Acting Secretary General of the General Secretariat of the Private Universities Council – on behalf of the Minister of Oil and Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Sa’ad Al Omari – Chairman of Board of Trustees, Mr. Alastair Dawson – Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President (International and Services Division) at Central Queensland University, and Prof Isam Zabalawi – President of ACK. Two of ACK honor graduates Shahad Dawara, and Ahmad Ashkanany also gave their speeches.

Prof. Zabalawi said, “Today marks a special day as we are celebrating the graduation of a new cohort of the Australian College of Kuwait students. We gathered to confer upon them the degrees they deserve. This is to acknowledge and endorse their dedicated work during the past few years. We are here to honor their achievements and to say to them congratulation we are proud of you.”

“Over the years, I have presided over many graduations. While each ceremony is special, this year’s graduation is incomparable and a remarkable one. You were determined and resilient. You adapted to difficult circumstances and succeeded. You realized the skills you will need to navigate your career and become acquainted. You have sought to do something and have done it. You overcame all the barriers and completed the founding phase in your career with success. I have every confidence that you are ready for the next journey ahead.”

In his speech, Dr. Saad Al Omari thanked The Private Universities Council for their guidance, support, and Prof. Isam for his exemplary leadership of the institution. “We are obliged tonight to celebrate the graduation of the class of 2020 virtually, one of the many adjustments we’ve had to make to our lives during these trying times. Indeed, we have had to respond with speed and flexibility to profound uncertainty since the pandemic struck. We adopted E-learning quickly and efficiently to provide a student-centered learning experience that is effective, adaptable and well suited to the needs of all learners and partners. Ensuring that our current graduates are well prepared with the skills they need to take their place in a brave new world. Our students, faculty, and staff have adapted quickly to enormous and a times surreal change with speed and agility and this is very much appreciated. To the entire ACK community… I salute you and I am proud to be one of you.” he added.

In her speech, Bachelor Graduate Shahad Dawara said: “Looking further back on my journey, entering ACK was exciting and strange for me all at the same time. At the beginning, I always wanted to achieve more as a student and ACK thankfully gave me the opportunity to do exactly that. ACK has empowered us by giving us the opportunity to participate in competitions, volunteer and work as part timers, which has increased our experience in life.”

From his part, Diploma graduate Ahmad Ashkanany stressed on the importance of the dedication and addressing to fellow graduates concluded: “I would just like to say that if I can stand here today and address you all as valedictorian, you most definitely can accomplish great things and to a much larger extent. I am not exceptional. I am not a genius, however, dedication and focus was key throughout my journey here at ACK and I intend to carry these qualities forward with me in my next chapter. And so, to end this speech, I hope you all take advantage of what you have and I wish you a wonderful, successful and fulfilling life.”