ACK Expanding its Strategic Partnership with CQU Australia

ACK Expanding its Strategic Partnership with CQU Australia

A delegation from Central Queensland University (CQU) visited ACK for the official opening of the “CQU International Office”. ACK’s Chairman – Mr. Abdullah Al Sharhan, Mr. Rennie Fritschy - Chancellor and Chairman of CQU and His Excellency Mr. Warren Hauck – Australian Ambassador to the State of Kuwait were present at the opening which signals another significant step in the strategic partnership between the two educational institutions.

As a result of the new partnership agreement, CQU will endorse all programs of study at Diploma and Degree levels in Engineering and Business delivered by ACK. Commenting on this initiative, ACK Dean, Dr. Gad Elbeheri noted that previously there were separate partnership arrangements with a number of international partners. By consolidating agreements with one major international partner, Dean Elbeheri explained that students will benefit from a more seamless flow of learning between their diploma and degree studies.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Rennie Fritschy, Chancellor and Chairman of CQU said: “It is a very important day for both institutions. A memorandum of understating has been signed and the future relationship is secured and expanding. Through having a CQU representative office here at ACK, benefits include more effective communication, as well as exploring collaborations in research which will be a very important development for both universities.”

Professor Scott Bowman, Vice - Chancellor and President of CQU, commented: “It’s really fantastic to open a CQU office here. It will definitely add to the professional relationship between ACK and CQU, developing a close relationship between the people at our university and ACK. That’s what makes it so special. We are looking forward to working with ACK not only in training and education but also in research. We have lots of interesting plans which will grow to be significant for our relationship.”

In conclusion, His Excellency Mr. Warren Hauck - the Australian Ambassador to the State of Kuwait - stated: “I am very pleased to be at the opening of the CQU International Office here at ACK. We’ve put in a lot of effort to increase educational linkages between Australia and Kuwait. We had our Minister for International Education in Kuwait last week discussing potential projects and it is so great that right after that we have a concrete step to bring Australia and Kuwait closer together.”

Posted on February 9, 2016