ACK Gates Procedure

ACK Gates Procedure


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure the safety of ACK students and employees, as well as the safety of ACK property.


This procedure applies to all ACK staff, students and visitors while on campus.


  • All security cabins should include:
    • Working extension and phone, with updated list of all employees' extensions and mobile numbers.
    • Desk top computer; computer will be connected to the intranet and have soft copies of standard security forms and logs, picture database of, students by student number & name, ACK employees, AMAS management and certain contractors. Internal emails access only, no internet.

Student Access:

  • All students currently enrolled at ACK will need to present a valid ACK student ID when entering campus.
  • Security staff reserves the right to physically hold the ACK ID to ensure that the information contained is accurate, as well as to ensure that the ACK ID is not a forgery.
  • Students that forget their ACK ID will need to turn in their civil ID or driver license for a visitor badge; they will be given a verbal notice by security personnel that this is a onetime mercy rule,
  • If students/staff/contractors/visitors fail to show any identification, they will not be allowed to enter ACK campus premises.
  • Students can only enter campus from gate number 2 and gate number 3. Only students with special permission from Student Support Unit and the Senior Manager- Security will be allowed to enter through gate number 1.
  • Students that do not drive, and are dropped off and picked up by family members, spouses or drivers, must obtain a gate pass to be driven onto campus, or maybe dropped off outside the campus perimeter.
  • Students will not bring non-ACK persons onto campus in their own vehicle, or the vehicle of said persons.
  • Students who bring non-ACK persons will be asked to enter from gate number 1 and exchange their civil ID with ACK visitor ID.

Faculty& Staff Access:

  • All faculty & staff members MUST show their ACK IDs and ACK vehicle permit identification when entering through any of the three gates when asked by the gate Security. If the staff forget his/ her staff ID, the civil ID, driver license or passport can be exchanged for a visitor badge from gate number 1.
  • All faculty & staff members MUST wear their IDs during open days and activities.
  • If employees are being dropped off and picked up by taxi service on a regular basis, they should inform the Security Helpdesk of their pick up times, as well as the taxi company being used. Also, to advise the taxi driver to ALWAYS enter through the gate number 1, regardless of your pick up location.
  • If employees are being dropped off by a family member, friend, spouse or driver, a gate pass must be issued in the employee name. The gate pass may be used by any persons known to the employee, who will be dropping you off or picking them up. Under no circumstances unknown persons are allowed to use the gate pass. Gate passes will not be issued for taxi drivers.
  • Faculty & staff will refrain from using the student gate on week days during the hours of 7:00am and 9:00am. This is to facilitate the congestion caused by a large number of students trying to enter campus through the student gate.
  • If faculty/ staff are expecting off campus visitors, lecturers or contractors, the department should notify the Security Helpdesk by email at least 24 hours prior to the visit, by stating the purpose of the visit, full names of visitors, number of visitors, duration of the visit and any other pertinent information that you feel security should be aware of.
  • If a VIP visitor arrived without a notice, she/ he shall call the approached executive/ staff member upon the arrival and the executive/ staff member shall contact the Security in order to permit the VIP access.
  • Removal of article 6.3.8: Each department is responsible to send a list of visitors on a daily basis by filling ACK Visitors List (ACK.FO.SEC.03.002) and send it to the Security Department.
  • ACK has a No Solicitation Policy. Persons, who do not have an appointment to see you, will not be granted access to ACK.

VIPs, Visitors, Contractors & Miscellaneous Access:

  • Due to the nature of ACK as an educational institute, walk in legitimate visitors and parents are allowed into campus through the assigned gate after going through Security Procedure (ACK.PR.SEC.01)
  • The Executive Group will inform the Security Helpdesk of any scheduled visits by VIPs. VIPs will be asked for their ID details. Further details should be provided by Executive Group as needed, regarding how the VIPs should be received.
  • Contractors that will require access to ACK campus for more than one week will be issued a temporary picture I.D instead of a visitor badge this will be done on a case by case basis, to be determined by the concerned department head and the Security Helpdesk.
  • Parcel and mail couriers (Aramex, Fed Ex, DHL etc...) will be granted a visitor badge upon verification of the names of ACK persons receiving deliveries.
  • People enquiring about enrolment or accreditation or any other query that relates to the functions of ACK, will be given a visitor badge and escorted to the proper authority. Access must be through gate number 1 only.
  • Persons from Ministries on official business; security will ascertain the purpose of their visit, and directly inform the responsible person at ACK; they will be admitted after they exchange their civil I.D for a gate pass, and escorted to their destination.
  • Food deliveries are not allowed to enter ACK campus; ACK staff/student should receive the order from the gate him/herself.

Events & Open Days

  • Security staff will be enforced with extra Security guards during events and open days.
  • Security staff will control and invigilate the gate entrance during events and open days.
  • Any visitor who cause disturbance or show unacceptable behavior will be asked to leave. If the problem escalated, the security will call for police interference.
  • In case of emergencies, the security will follow the emergency plan and call the fire department, ambulance and/ or the police.

Vehicles Identification Permits:

  • All vehicles of staff, students and visitors are required to have ACK visible vehicle ID permit identification to be visible at entry and while at any stage on ACK campus.


  • VIP: Heads of government, politicians, major employers, high-level corporate officers, or any other notable person who receives special treatment for any reason.
  • Main Gate: ACK Gate numbered as gate number 1 where all ACK visitors, staff and special needs students are allowed to enter and exit ACK from it.
  • Student Gate: ACK Gate numbered as gate number 2 where all students, contractors, faculty and staff are allowed to enter and exit ACK from it.
  • Aviation Gate: ACK Gate numbered as gate number 3 where all students, contractors, faculty and staff are allowed to enter and exit from it.


  • ACK Visitors Log (ACK.FO.SEC.03.01)
  • ACK Visitors List (ACK.FO.SEC.03.02)

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