ACK Holds 3rd Annual Blood Drive

ACK Holds 3rd Annual Blood Drive

As a part of its corporate social responsibility, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Department at ACK organized the 3rd annual blood drive. The campaign entitled “Every Drop Matters,” was held from the 15th to the 17th of October, 2019 and was sponsored by Online Institute and ACK MyPrint.

Following with the success of the previous blood drives held by ACK over the past two years, this year’s blood drive was extended to 3 days to meet the popular demand. The objective of the event was to propagate the significance of blood donation in saving lives, and to generate awareness about receiving and donating blood from different blood types. In order to do so, the event was themed with “Every Drop Matters.”

The event included different activities to raise awareness regarding blood donation, and these activities were organized by volunteering students under the guidance of Ms. Mariam Al-Maraghi, Healthy and Safety Business Development Manager, at ACK. During the first activity, donors were welcomed with an interactive quiz matching each blood type with the types they could donate from and to.

The event was massively successful in attracting donors which included ACK students, staff and alumni. Overall, The Central Blood bank of Kuwait collected a total of 260 blood bags from the event; however, donors who were willing to donate before the screening were a total of 304 people.

Showing her gratitude to those who made the success of the event possible, Ms. Al-Maraghi said “The rank of humanitarian is a rank only a few can achieve, and our dear students and staff were able to achieve it through this campaign”.

ACK would like to thank its community for participation. The drive would not have been successful without the collaboration of departments and volunteering students who were an added

Posted on Nov. 3, 2019