ACK Holds Induction for New Staff Members

ACK Holds Induction for New Staff Members

The Human Resources department at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) organized an induction for new staff members to introduce them to the College and welcome them into its community. The attendees included both abroad participants who accessed the Induction through Microsoft Teams, along with local staff members who attended the orientation on campus.

The Induction took place over the course of two days, with the first day’s session introducing the new staff members to the College, and giving them an overview of its structure, policies and procedures. Following the introduction, the Human Resources department presented a detailed agenda; the detailed session began with a welcome message by Prof. Isam Zabalawi, President of ACK, and Prof. Hussein Abdullah, Vice President – Academic Affairs.

In addition, the attendees were given overviews of the Academic and Administrative departments. They were also educated regarding the COVID-19 safety protocols on campus by the Health and Safety Department in order to protect their health and their coworkers throughout their career journey at ACK.

The session on the second day was specifically targeting new faculty members, covering topics such as ACK’s teaching and learning philosophies, academic policies for classes and much more. They were also taught regarding the College’s research programs and funding details, at last they were briefed about the effective use of the College’s distance learning platforms.

The Induction concluded with a final speech from Prof. Hussein Abdullah, where he began by thanking the Induction’s attendees and organizers for helping make the event a success, and afterwards explained ACK’s mission, vision and strategic plans for the future.