ACK Honors Huawei ICT Skill Competition Winners

ACK Honors Huawei ICT Skill Competition Winners

ACK held a ceremony to honor the three students and alumni who won high positions in the national Huawei Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Skill Competition.

The ceremony, which was prepared jointly by the School of Engineering and the Alumni and Career Placement Center, was attended by ACK members including Prof. Isam Zabalawi – President of ACK, Dr. Mohamad Abdul Niby – Dean of the School of Engineering, and Dr. Zeina Nehme – Manager of the Alumni and Placement Center.

The three winners were 1st place winner Mariam Al Qallaf – Alumna, 3rd place winner Afsah Abdullah - Student, and 5th place winner Emad Kebeish - Alumnus. They were honored by receiving medals and certificates provided by Huawei. 1st place winner Mariam was also selected to go to China to compete internationally and represent Kuwait in the Regional Huawei ICT Competition.

The winners expressed their positive feedback regarding the competition and what they learned from it. Afsah Abdullah said that “I really enjoyed the experience; I received immense knowledge about coding from Huawei”. Emad commented that “I learned many things when it came to networks, it was a wonderful experience and I loved the field as a hobby”. Mariam added that “I learned that I don’t have to be only constricted by my major. I am an electrical engineer, while the competition was specific to ICT. I was proud to have been able to achieve 1st place while competing in a field different than my own”.

Dr. Nehme expressed her pride in the students for their hard work and efforts, and also expressed gratitude for Huawei for providing such a wonderful opportunity for students to challenge themselves. “It was very beneficial for our students and fresh graduates to be able to take part in this competition. As an Alumni and Career Placement Center we are very proud that the competition was won by ACK Alumni” said Dr. Nehme.

Dr. Abdul Niby congratulated the students for this great achievement and encouraged them to keep investing in the knowledge, competencies and skills that they acquired during their study at ACK. He also thanked the faculty members at the School of Engineering whose support and advices for the students were crucial for this big success. He particularly thanked Dr. Hassan Salti – Head of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Mohamed Omar – Head of Petroleum Engineering, and Mr. Mohammad Zaki – Senior Instructor of Electrical Engineering.

Furthermore, in recognition of their efforts, ACK received the Excellent Academy Award from Huawei this year for the second year in a row. Also, a collaborative project with Huawei is currently being explored to further improve the performance of ACK students in the ICT sector and is expected to be officialised very soon.

Posted on Jan. 19, 2020