ACK Hosts Bader Al Essa (Bo Nabeel)

ACK Hosts Bader Al Essa (Bo Nabeel)

The Teaching and Learning Center at ACK hosted a seminar titled “How to Find Your Passion” on Wednesday, October 30th 2019. The seminar was delivered by Mr. Bader Al Essa, known popularly as “Bo Nabeel”, an entrepreneur and investor who dreams to see the youth at a high level of creative development and achievement.

The objective of the event was to create an impact and help students to find their inner value and passion in order to continue their life successfully with a mission in mind. By pursuing and practicing their passion even on the smallest scale, they allow themselves to excel.

During the seminar, Mr. Bader provided many insightful and helpful tips about understanding the passion in life. The event was engaging, and lots of positive feedbacks were received from the audience, which were a mix of ACK students, staff and registered guests. The Attendees highly interacted by asking questions on how to develop and succeed in what they are passionate about.

Ms. Rola Mourdaa, Manager of the Teaching and Learning Center, praised the content of the presentation and audience for participating. Stating that following your passion is an important prerequisite for success.
“I believe the first step to invest in yourself is to find your passion. You will be extremely powerful when you focus on what excites you,” said Ms. Mourdaa

Posted on Nov. 10, 2019