ACK Launches “Vaccination is the Solution” Campaign to Promote and Hearten Vaccination

ACK Launches “Vaccination is the Solution” Campaign to Promote and Hearten Vaccination

To complement the efforts disbursed by all official authorities in order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, ACK has launched an awareness and promotional vaccination campaign targeting staff and students particularly, and the Kuwaiti society in general.

The campaign launched with the receipt of ACK’s Executive Management the vaccine; it was then followed by an advertising awareness campaign on social media and ACK’s communication platforms.

The objective of the campaign was to highlight the importance of the vaccination and contribute in reducing the spread of the virus, not only for self-preventing the disease but also as a national duty and corporate social responsibility to reassure the health and safety of all.

Commenting on this responsible initiative and the fact that taking the vaccine is the only solution to pursue the normal life. Professor Isam Zabalawi, President of ACK said: “I thank the government of Kuwait for their hard work and efforts for such a tremendously organized vaccination process. I also would like to thank the employees of ACK for their cooperation and support during this critical period of time, and for following the College’s Health and Safety rules and regulations to ensure everyone’s health and safety.”

He also stressed on the importance of similar community based initiatives that ACK is conducting as it plays an important role in educating and serving the society as a whole and he hopes that this awareness campaign is spread on a larger scale.