ACK Organizes a Field Trip to the NBK Tower Project

ACK Organizes a Field Trip to the NBK Tower Project

ACK recently concluded a field trip to the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) Tower organized by the Australian Embassy in collaboration with ACK’s School of Engineering.

According to Dr. Mohamed Salem, Assistant Professor of Industrial Practice at ACK, NBK Tower was chosen for the trip because the project is an engineering challenge in terms of design, implementation and supervision, moreover, the project is being carried out by a selection of the largest engineering offices and contracting companies, along with local and international project managers.

The visit focused on the essential aspects of managing such a large project, which helped students learn about important safety systems, quality control and the latest methods in engineering and construction management.

“This field trip was organized in line with ACK’s vision in mind of focusing on and giving prominence to vocational and hands-on experience for students, and not only giving focus to traditional classroom learning,” said Dr. Salem.

Posted on Mar. 31, 2019