ACK President Welcomes World Bank’s Director on Campus

ACK President Welcomes World Bank’s Director on Campus

An official meeting was held between the Australian College of Kuwait’s (ACK) President, Professor Isam Zabalawi and the Resident Representative for the World Bank - Kuwait, Mr. Ghassan Al Khoja.

Attending the meeting also were the Advisor to the Chairman at ACK Dr. Osama Jamali, the Senior Economist for the education team at the World Bank of Kuwait Dr. Hiba Ahmed and the Public Relations Senior Manager at ACK Ms. May Al Musallam.

During the meeting, they talked about their mutual interests and exchanged views on the latest regional educational and economical developments. The talks were held in a friendly atmosphere that reflected mutual understanding and respect between both parties.

Educational cooperation between ACK and the World Bank started two years ago through the World Bank’s Outreach Program designed for students’ career opportunities with the World Bank.
From his End, Professor Isam stated:” We are eager to develop our collaboration with the World Bank and to contribute through education to the welfare of Kuwaitis.”

The World Bank is committed to its goal of working towards ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity.

Established in 2004, ACK is one of the first private universities in Kuwait. The College offers world-class higher education on home ground through international learning partnerships. Courses of study are available at diploma and bachelor degree levels and in specializations within Engineering, Business, and Aviation and Maritime studies.

ACK offers a personalized approach to learning where each student has an academic advisor who is available for scholastic and career guidance. At the same time, ACK places importance on the overall College experience. A wide range of sporting and club activities are available so that students can pursue their hobbies and interests with others and establish lifelong friendships.

Posted on July. 25, 2019