ACK Strengthens Renewed Strategic Partnership with Central Queensland University, Australia

ACK Strengthens Renewed Strategic Partnership with Central Queensland University, Australia

ACK has renewed its Strategic Partnership Agreement for a further five years with long-standing international partner, Central Queensland University Australia (CQU), to continue facilitating excellence in teaching and learning, collaborative research, international mobility and a range of additional joint initiatives

Academic Affairs

Strategic partners since 2015, Central Queensland University will continue to endorse all of ACK’s Diploma and Bachelor Degree programs, and ensure teaching and learning excellence and continuous improvement in line with international standards is maintained with regular academic audit visits to ACK. Opportunities for joint curriculum development and joint programs may also be explored in the future.


The renewed agreement will also continue to build on a range of joint research projects across the priority disciplines of engineering and business, and will be overseen by the ACK CQU Joint Research Committee that was established in 2016 to develop a research agenda and promote collaborative research activities between the two institutions. A number of research projects that focus on aligned research priorities for both Kuwait and Australia, are currently underway.

International Mobility

Encouraging continued cultural exchange and networking, international mobility will play an important role, enabling academic faculty to undertake teaching or research activities at the partner’s institution. Additionally, ACK students will directly benefit from the partnership by having the opportunity to participate in the annual Australia Summer Tour that includes a visit to CQUniversity or consider a student exchange program for one semester at Central Queensland University.

Joint Initiatives

Further enhancing the scope of collaboration, the two institutions will also share international best practice knowledge and resources in a range of academic and administrative areas and explore potential for future joint initiatives.

Professor Isam Zabalawi, President of ACK stated, “Our partnership with CQUniversity is a continuous process that grows stronger each year, as we dedicate ourselves for a noble cause”.

ACK is proud of the opportunity to renew and enhance its partnership with Central Queensland University, to encourage education and research excellence, support internationalization, and bridge cultural relations and shared national interests between Australia and Kuwait.