ACK Students Succeed in Technological Project Competition at Maker Faire

ACK Students Succeed in Technological Project Competition at Maker Faire

Two groups of engineering students from ACK were awarded for winning first and third place at the Maker Faire for ‘‘Best Technological Project’.

Maker Faire is an annual event for makers to showcase their inventions and designs, and it also includes competitions for makers to compete their creations with others in various fields. This year’s Maker Faire is the fourth in the series, and included many different projects from over 12 countries.

Two groups of ACK students took part in the competition and they managed to secure first and third place while competing with 30 other projects. The project that managed to achieve first place for best technological project was “Super Capacitor Assisted Solar Hot Water System”. The project was created by students from the ACK Electrical Engineering department, and was supervised by Dr. Alireza Gheitasi, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering.  The students who worked on the project were Fatemah Al Huli, Meshal Muzaiel, and Yaqoub Al Bassam.

As for the project which received third place, it was titled “RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Metal Detection”. It was designed by a group of Mechanical Engineering students under the supervision of Dr. Adel Younes, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. The students that completed the project were Ala Omar, Faisal Al Mutairi, and Emad Nuaman.

ACK is very proud of its students’ achievements and would like to thank Maker Faire for giving its students such a wonderful opportunity to challenge themselves and demonstrate their skills and abilities.

Posted on Mar. 11, 2020