ACK success in Injaz “Company Program” competition

ACK success in Injaz “Company Program” competition

Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) students recently won the Injaz “Company program” Annual Competition for High Schools and Universities in Kuwait. ACK students participated under the company named ‘KUN’ or ‘Be Yourself’. Students worked over 6 months period, after classes and including during their weekends, to finalize their entry. The requirements for the competition included designing a company from scratch, starting with the need to raise capital, developing the product, marketing and selling, HR organization, tracking financials and finally closure of the company with dividend distribution. The students assembled all their information and data into a formal business report, as well as preparing a booth to showcase their products. The KUN team had to compete against other universities through their presentation as well as participate in an intensive interview with the judges.

The motivation behind the KUN business idea was to revive the richness and beauty of the Arabic Language through handmade arts, designs and calligraphy. It aimed to spread the power of identity and create a mindset that cherishes the language, civilization and tradition of a rich culture and invite people of curiosity to reflect on their vast cultural wealth. The students who represented ACK were: Adel Al Khulaifi, Mohammad Ayman Zaher, Kermel Essa, Shahad Dawara, Mahsa Rahimi, Zainab Huseni Jabla, Mohammad Hamadah, Maisam Khazal and Ahmad l-Behbehani. Students received mentor guidance from ACK faculty member Ms. Rola Mourdaa and Mr. Ahmad Nagi from industry.

The ACK students outperformed their competitors in all aspects and as a result of their hard work over an extended period they secured 2 prizes: Best Social Impact Award and Best Company Award for the Year 2018.

ACK Mentor, Ms. Mourdaa commented that the ACK students epitomized the ACK college spirit of enabling human potential within a culture of care. ACK will now represent Kuwait in the Regional Competition to be held in November, 2018.

Posted on May 1, 2018