ACK Tuition Fees Policy

ACK Tuition Fees Policy


Tuition Fees Policy is to provide a basis on which students can be informed about when they enroll at ACK.


This policy applies to all students enrolled at ACK.


Application Fee

  • The Application Fee is a fee in addition to the Tuition Fee shall be set prior to each application period being opened. Application fee varies depending on the stream to which the students apply.

Deposit (Registration Fee)

  • Applicants accepting an enrolment offer must pay a non-refundable Tuition Fees deposit (registration Fee) to secure their place in the program. This deposit must be paid by the date specified in the letter of offer or the offer will lapse. The minimum amount payable at time of enrolment is as indicated on the ACK fees schedule for all programs which is circulated via email to all existing students, available via the ACK Website and provided to all applicants & students.
  • Applicants accepting an enrolment offer agree that all fees incurred for all the units for which they are enrolled shall be the tuition fees for the semester.

Confirmation of Tuition Fees

  • Tuition Fees, applicable to registered students are deemed to be accepted by the student once the add and drop period has elapsed.
  • Students eligible to enrol at ACK must satisfy the following criteria:
    • Have no previous or current outstanding balances or amounts;
    • Paid a non-refundable deposit (registration fee);
    • Have signed the Student Guardian declaration form which states they will pay all tuition fees in full subject to the ACK Refund Policy.
  • Subject to the ACK Refund Policy Full Tuition Fees equal to amount paid shall be refunded to the student if the unit or program is cancelled by ACK.

Tuition Fees in Case of Suspension or Academic withdrawal

  • In cases of suspension or academic withdrawal in a given semester; tuition fees will remain due and student will have to settle his outstanding balance.

Transfer of payments

  • Payments made in any given semester may not be transferred to another student except for sibling students.

Payment of Tuition Fees

  • Payment of Tuition Fees are due according to the fee schedule uploaded on ACK Website.


  • Applicant: Any individual who completes ACK application form for a specific program.
  • Registration: Registration is the process through which the student:
    • Agree to be a student member of the College.
    • Agree to abide by the College's regulations and to become liable for fee payments.
    • Enroll on the modules that the student will be studying during the year.
  • Enrolment: when the student provides his/her details and select his/ her modules.



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