ACK visits ABS as part of Smoking Awareness Campaign

ACK visits ABS as part of Smoking Awareness Campaign

The Australian College of Kuwait (ACK), as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, conducted a smoking awareness program at the American Baccalaureate School (ABS).

The visit to ABS was the fifth in a series of visits to different schools in order to showcase the negative effects of smoking. The program involves a PowerPoint presentation on the effects of smoking with an experiment designed by ACK students from the School of Engineering, followed by a series of fun activities for the children that highlight the smoking awareness theme. Afterwards each student is given a “Thank You” certificate for becoming members of the ACK Smoke Busters.

Starting in 2014, ACK identified Smoking Awareness as an area of importance that not only impacted on the health of its students and staff, but also their families and the entire community. An ACK Healthy Living Committee of students and staff was established to consider ways to raise awareness with regard to the effects of smoking on people and the environment.

Initially, students within the Engineering School were asked to design and construct models to demonstrate the effects of smoking on the body and surroundings. This project was undertaken with the guidance of Engineering faculty and was completed during the 2014/2015 academic year. After trial demonstrations of the models to children of ACK staff members, the Business School students were tasked with the development of presentations for delivery to local schools.

The presentation left a strong impression on ABS students according to Ms. Alicia Szydlowski, Principal of ABS.

“Our team really appreciated the high-quality presentation and activity that you provided for our students,” said Ms. Szydlowski. “Your team is dynamic and left memorable impressions on our young learners.”

The ACK students who volunteered to conduct the program were: Sara Naji Dawara, Rahma Mohammed, Hamad Mohammad Alhariri, Abdalaziz Farhan Rashed, Mahsa Mohammad Rahimi, Shahd Naji Dawara, Zainab Huseni Jabla, Ali Khaled Hasan, Zahrah Hasan Aljaafar, Yasin Yaseen Issa, Afsah Abdullah Abdullah, and Zahra Ahmad Alhaddad.

Posted on May. 5, 2019