Welcome message from the Assistant to the President for Student Relations

Our team within the Department of Admissions and Registration are here to make you welcome from the time of your very first contact with ACK until your successful graduation.

Even before you decide to join our College, the Admissions staff are available to answer your questions with regard to required entry levels; range of programs across Engineering, Business and Aviation; Academic Calendar and critical dates for applications, enrolment and registration; as well as any general matters you wish to discuss. We also welcome visits by parents and family members and can arrange individual and group campus tours.

Once you decide to join ACK, we have a very user friendly online registration system. However, if you experience any difficulties, our Registration staff will gladly assist you with any concerns you have with regard to your College registration.

We have a special Scholarships section for students who come to the college with a PUC or other scholarship. In addition, ACK has its own internal Academic Scholarships and even new students can apply for these.

Our Graduation team makes sure that we obtain all the needed documents to sign off your completed qualifications and arrange for your papers to be officially endorsed so that you can receive your ACK testamur. Graduation is the most special experience for any student and we look forward one day to stamping “Graduated” on your ACK file.

We understand that it is a big decision to choose your place to continue your tertiary studies.

ACK is one of the oldest private higher education institutions in Kuwait. We have grown rapidly since we first opened in 2004 with 228 students. We now have over 3,000 students and already 6590 students have successfully completed Diplomas and/or Bachelors in Engineering, Business or Aviation. We invite you to join this growing list.

Our programs are endorsed internationally and therefore you know that you are receiving quality education of a global standard.

In the subsections, you will find details about our Admissions processes, together with details regarding Scholarships and Bursaries. After you read about our College, come and talk to our Admissions staff. Let us take you on a walk around the campus and listen to what you hope to achieve in your future. Then, let us map out with you how ACK can help to make your dreams become a reality.

Dr. Ayad Salhieh
Assistant to the President for Student Relations