Vision, Mission, Core Values


The Admissions & Registration Department serves students, faculty, alumni, staff and other stakeholders in support of ACK’s Core Values of Opportunity, Excellence, Diversity and Integrity.

The Admissions and Registration Department is committed to excellence, challenging ourselves to be efficient and effective in our work, maintaining an environment which encourages growth, supports academics, respects people, and promotes communications and participation throughout all areas of the College.


The Admissions & Registration Department is committed to providing exemplary service to students and stakeholders by continually improving our processes and serving as the official custodian of student records by ensuring accuracy, integrity and confidentiality.

Core Values

The qualities and behaviors most valued by the Department include:

Accuracy:  correct interpretation and application of rules and policies through maintaining exceptional quality in our records and processes.

Ethics and Integrity:  demanding responsibility, confidentiality, honesty and professionalism in our work whereby each individual is personally accountable for his/her work behavior.

Team Work:  fostering a collaborative work environment to achieve our overall vision and mission.

Customer Focus:  consistently providing exceptional service to students and the wider College community.

Mutual Respect:  empathetic consideration of each student’s unique needs and experiences.

Responsiveness: providing timely, friendly, helpful and individualised information, service, and problem solving assistance.

Communication:  sharing expertise and listening to our customers and each other.

Excellence:  pursuing the highest quality attainable in all our endeavors by seeking feedback to enable continuous improvement, exceeding expectations and following through.