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ACK offers a range of majors in Business, Engineering and Aviation.

Students benefit from the flexibility of ACK’s 2+2 model.  After completing a two-year full time Diploma program, a student can choose to commence employment or continue at ACK for a further two years of full time study to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Engineering Technology. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, a student is awarded an ACK qualification endorsed by Central Queensland University (CQUniversity), Australia.

Application for admission is open to all eligible persons, who complete an online Application, pay a non-refundable Application Fee and submit all required documents by the specified deadline. Applicants must meet the required minimum academic entry requirements, including the completion of a pre-requisite level of studies as prescribed by the Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education. Admission to ACK is competitive and selective based on academic merit and availability of places.

Admissions Requirements 

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Students who will have graduated from high school.

Students who have graduated with an ACK Diploma.

Students who meet the Credit Transfer policy conditions.

Readmission (Diploma and Bachelor)
Students who discontinued their registration at ACK.