Readmission Applicants

Students admitted to ACK are expected to maintain continuous registration until they graduate. Dormant or withdrawn students wishing to return to the College will need to be readmitted including those who:

  • Failed to register during the advertised periods;
  • Left the College without an officially approved leave of absence;
  • Officially withdrew from the College for any reason.

Students expelled from the College on academic grounds can only apply for admission in a different School.

Readmission is granted only once.

The period for submitting a Readmission application is published on the Application Dates webpage and late applications are not accepted.

Before you apply, be sure to review the Readmission Eligibility Criteria.

Readmission Application Process

Readmission Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible to apply for Readmission if you satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Meet the minimum Diploma High School Requirements/Bachelor Entry Requirements admission requirements;
  2. Have not been away from the College for more than two (2) academic semesters;
  3. Have cleared all outstanding amounts owed to the College;
  4. Have removed any holds from student record (if any).

You are NOT eligible to apply for Readmission if you were:

  1. Expelled from the College on disciplinary grounds.
Required Documents

All applicants must complete a Readmission Application and provide the below required documents:

Valid passport copy (including residency page for non-Kuwaitis)

Valid Civil ID copy

One photograph (4x6)

False or misleading documentation

Submission of false or misleading documentation (including IELTS® or TOEFL® Certificates) is considered misconduct and is subject to actions in accordance with Student Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure. This may include withdrawal of the offer of a place, cancellation of enrolment and, if applicable, revoking of any awards granted if the information used as the basis for admission cannot be verified.

Readmission Application Regulations
  • If a student was previously in an English Language Program he/she must take the OOPT® or submit a valid IELTS® or TOEFL® Certificate.
  • If a student is readmitted, his/her previous grades are carried over and all semesters away are counted towards the maximum period for completion of the program according to the College progression rules.
  • If a student is readmitted in a different School, he/she will start with a new academic record.
Assessment of Readmission Application

Applications for readmission are reviewed individually by the Admissions Committee.  Readmission is not guaranteed and the decision to readmit a student is based on factors including:

  • previous academic and disciplinary record;
  • reasons for not continuing studies;
  • student’s potential for successfully completing the qualification;
  • available capacity.
Complete the Readmission Application

Available from the Admissions Unit

Diploma applicants: 

*Non-refundable Diploma application fee of KD30 is to be paid to ACK at the time of application submission.

Bachelor applicants:

*Non-refundable Bachelor application fee of KD50 is to be paid to ACK at the time of application submission.