Alumni Relations Procedure

Alumni Relations Procedure


This procedure outlines the processes which the Alumni and Career Placement Center completes in collaboration with ACK students and graduates (alumni) in order to develop networking opportunities and professional relationships with potential Industry Employers in Kuwait and Globally.


This Procedure applies to Networking opportunities and professional relationships between ACK and ACK alumni.


It is the responsibility of the Manager- Alumni & Career Placement Center and the Senior Officer- Alumni & Career Placement Center to:

Update the Alumni Database

  • Using the Alumni Follow up form (ACK.FO.ALU.02.01) to update the database which consists of informational questions about ACK fresh graduates in order to enter their data on the ACK Alumni Database. Completion of this form is mandatory for graduates in order to obtain their certificates.
  • Within 5 working days, when information is entered in the Alumni Database, the form is discarded.
  • Alumni will be issued an Alumni identification card which provides ACK gate 1 access; discount to retail outlets and restaurants.
  • No Alumni information will be published by the center unless authorized by the individual member.

Maintain strong ongoing relationships with Alumni

  • Keeping regular communication using all types of communication including social media platforms (for example WhatsApp; Facebook; twitter; Instagram; Snapchat) inform Alumni of upcoming events, potential employment opportunities and promotion of Alumni ambassadors and featuring Alumni accomplishments through Social Media, website, and emails.
  • Alumni will be invited to participate and volunteer in various networking activities as outlined in Career Placement Procedure (ACK.PLR.ALU.01). Other events may include showcasing and supporting ACK alumni entrepreneurs.
  • Alumni will be provided free Graduation DVDs and pictures.
  • Alumni assist in connecting and liaising with the public and the private sectors in different industries to provide potential job opportunities and sponsorship opportunities for events for Alumni and potential graduates.
  • Alumni participate and volunteer in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Service.


  • Alumni: A graduate or former student of a specific School, College, or University.
  • Alumni Follow Up form: Is a form to register with the Alumni Center that must be completed by fresh graduates in order to create Alumni database.


  • Alumni follow up form (ACK.FO.ALU.02.01)

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