About Us

Although we have been serving our alumni since 2012, the center was officially established in December 2015, offering ACK alumni an array of services that range from alumni relations to career guidance and placement. The center supports, engages, and maintains strong relationships with over 7,000 alumni, as well as enhances the professional and personal development of our graduates. The center never ceases to provide an ongoing support and networking opportunities to former and current students through providing services that both could get a mutual benefit from, such as resume building and editing services, interview tips, Career Days, Career Fairs, and networking events.

Connect with Us

 +965 96960487

Staff of the Center:

Dr. Ayad Salhieh, Assistant to the President for Student Relations
Deema Azreen, Coordinator, Ext: 4104
Amira Al-Hubaidah, Officer, Ext: 4501

Mission, Goals, and Objectives


The mission of the Alumni and Career Placement Center is to promote bonding relationship with ACK graduating students and Alumni for a lifelong higher education, learning, giving and mutual supporting relationship.


  • Promote the College through its alumni and contribute to the greatness of our college.
  • Assist alumni and students to develop career and life planning skills.
  • Provide services to the alumni to enhance engagement after graduation.
  • Liaise with the public and private sector in different industries to provide potential job opportunities for alumni and potential graduates.
  • Support ACK Alumni entrepreneurs and business owners.


  • Increase the interaction between ACK and its Alumni and establish a lifelong relationship with them.
  • Establish a good reputation for ACK graduates in diverse industries, academic research and development.
  • Assist in achieving the alumni’s highest potential by aiding them to become competent, confident and productive.
  • Create opportunities for engagement with alumni on a global scale.
  • Encourage alumni related activities and initiatives.
  • Develop meaningful relationships with our stakeholders internally and externally.
  • Enhance career and professional development among alumni and students.
  • Assist in placing alumni and potential graduates in industry.
  • Continuously measure the level of satisfaction for the services we provide.
  • Effectively communicate and positively reinforce our success in the services and programs we offer.

Services and Benefits

The center offers the following myriad of services to our alumni:

  • Career Counseling (studies / work)
  • Career Placement Services
  • Career Days
  • Career Fairs
  • Networking events
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Tips
  • Facilitating Internships
  • Supporting Alumni Business
  • Alumni Awards
  • Lifetime Alumni Email Account
  • Alumni Card