Appropriate Use of Computer Workstations in the Library Policy

Appropriate Use of Computer Workstations in the Library Policy


To define the rules for use of computer workstations in the library.


This policy applies to ACK registered students and staff.


  • The ACK Library provides computer workstations to support the scholarly activities of faculty, students and staff. Workstations are to be used for legitimate campus business. Priority use of library computer workstations is for those doing research, academic or scholastic work.

Users of workstations should refrain from:

  • Sending recreational e-mails;
  • Engaging in chats; and
  • Playing recreational games.

Except for purposes of scholarly research, users should refrain from:

  • Displaying messages, images or sounds that could create an atmosphere of discomfort or harassment for those around;
  • Transmitting messages containing obscene, offensive, unethical or discriminatory material; and
  • Exposing others to material and images that might be considered offensive or could violate state of Kuwait law or university policies.

Users at all times should be sensitive to the public nature of shared computer stations.

  • Inappropriate behavior in the Library includes, but not limited to, any activity that:
    • Disrupts or interferes with library operations and/or the acceptable and legitimate activities of other library users;
    • May cause damage to library materials or facilities;
    • Endangers the offender(s) or others; and
    • Is illegal.
    • When inappropriate behaviour is brought to the Library staff’s attention, it may result in the staff requesting the offender(s) to leave the library immediately.
    • Library staff will notify ACK Security or Student Services Center if the behaviour continues or if the offender refuses to leave the premises when requested to do so. This will constitute a violation under the Student Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure. (ACK.PLR.SA.01).

Use of cell phones in the Library:

  • No audible cell phone use is permitted in the library. Cell phones are to be on the vibration or text messaging mode only.





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