Vision, Mission and Goals


To produce business graduates who are capable of developing into effective mangers that contribute to the success of any organization that employs them, and to the economic development and welfare of Kuwait or the country in which they work.


  • To create and develop a learning environment that integrates theory and excellence in practice
  • To produce well-rounded business graduates who are capable of taking a leadership position in the field of Business Management
  • To provide the Business students an undergraduate education of the highest quality.
  • To ensure that our graduates are prepared to engage ethically, efficiently and practically in both domestic and international environments.


  • Graduate well-qualified and well-rounded business graduates who are equipped with the required knowledge and skills to successfully engage in the business profession.
  • Espousing a continual improvement approach to ensure teaching quality service in Higher Education and Training.
  • Encouraging research in local, regional and international journals and conferences, and where possible channeling these to be aligned with Kuwait national research priorities
  • To educate as well as train