Student Life

Who Are We?

The Student Life Center's staff and volunteers promote student involvement in extra-curricular activities and personal growth programs.

Student Life Mission

To grant opportunities for every ACK student to develop their extra-curricular interests and talents.

ACK is not just committed to the academic formation of students.  We are also committed to provide a range of outside classroom activities so that students can enrich their whole personalities.

Why Student Life Center?

ACK is not just committed to the academic formation of students.  We are also committed to provide a range of outside classroom activities so that students can enrich their whole personalities.

Sports Teams

Both male and female students are equally invited, on a segregated basis, to participate in any sports. The following team events are held on a regular basis:

  • American football;
  • Basketball;
  • Bowling;
  • Foosball;
  • Cricket;
  • Football;
  • Squash;
  • Swimming;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Tennis;
  • Volleyball;
  • Judo; and
  • Muay Thai
Students Clubs

Student Clubs are the forums where students get to show and develop their talents, leadership skills, and creativity in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. Established clubs are listed below:

  • American Society Civil Engineering (ASCE);
  • Anime;
  • Art;
  • Book Club;
  • Charity Club (ACKare);
  • Cooking
  • Cultural;
  • Debate;
  • Drama;
  • Elite;
  • Fitness Club;
  • Gaming;
  • Imagine;
  • Marketing Club;
  • Music;
  • Photography;
  • Robotics;
  • Society of petroleum engineering (SPE); and
  • Toast Masters.

Club Registration Rules and Regulations

Student Life encourages ACK students to establish their own clubs to gain leadership opportunities and social learning in parallel with their academic education. However, students must follow the rules and regulations in order to ensure a safe environment on campus as follows:

  • Each student applying for a new club must submit a detailed proposal to Student Life that includes the club’s mission, event calendar and budget. There is a deadline for submitting proposals.
  • Student Life has the right to reject or accept clubs depending on students’ attendance, grades and behavior
  • Creators of a club will be its leaders until it grows enough for members to vote on the club’s leadership.
  • The club leadership will be in charge of members, budget and all related matters.
  • Once a month, the club leaders will meet with Student Life to discuss and review attendance, activities, and performances.
  • Each club will follow a reward system for attendance and performance in order to qualify for the competition of “Best Club in ACK”.
  • Club members must meet weekly and plan two main events per academic year that involve ALL ACK members—students and non-students. Fund raising events (donations) can take place and all donated money will be added to the club’s budget.
  • For every 3 ACK student members of a club, 1 non-ACK student may join the club.
  • Student Life has the right to attend club meetings at any time to maintain club performance.
  • Each club must check with Student Life ahead of time before planning any event or meeting.
  • All club members must maintain the physical environment of their club areas by tidying after their meetings and events.
  • All students must follow all relevant ACK policies and regulations.

For more information, please contact Student Life Center.


The Student Life Center believes that the learning journey is not complete until life lasting memories are secured. Student Life provides opportunities for students to improve their communication skills by holding events that cover a wide range of interests such as:

  • ACK Olympics;
  • Bazaars;
  • Cultural Week;
  • Cuisine competitions;
  • Debate Competitions;
  • Expeditions;
  • Food Festivals;
  • Japanese Day;
  • Movie Nights;
  • Music Shows;
  • Plays;
  • Seminars;
  • Sport Tournaments; and
  • Student Trips.

Contact Information

Location: Room F04, First floor of Building 2

Normal operating hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Sundays to Thursdays (except during the month of Ramadan)

Telephone: Student Clubs 96962126 and Sports Clubs 96688206