Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship CIEACK

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship CIEACK

Welcome to CIEACK

Welcome to the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Australian College of Kuwait (CIEACK).  Our mission is to foster and support innovation and entrepreneurship across ACK, through advantageous education, training, research and functions including distinctive outreach programs, networking initiatives, and cooperation with strategic organizations. We aim to become a leader in generating human capital equipped with knowledge and entrepreneurial skills that contribute to the economic development of and welfare of Kuwait. Our graduates will be able to convert novel business ideas to successful enterprises.

Our strategic goals and objectives



Curriculum: Develop a curriculum that supports innovation and entrepreneurship.

Training: Design, facilitate and deliver special training courses for entrepreneurs.



Partnership: Form strategic partnerships and alliances locally and internationally to support the center activities in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Networking: Establish links in the industry that supports the development and growth of our student’s business ideas as well as CIEACK activities.


Entrepreneurial Culture

Foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship through various functions and activities such as student startup competitions and expert speakers program.


Academic Research

encouraging research and attendance of international conferences that will build a knowledge capital in innovation and entrepreneurship within ACK.


Specialized Services

Provide specialized services in consultancy, coaching, mentoring and the preparation of business plans, feasibility studies and customer profiles

 Qualifications in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ACK provides a variety of alternatives for academic qualifications in innovation and entrepreneurship within ACK and through our partners in Australia and overseas.

Business Students

If you are a business student majoring in Management or Marketing, your curriculum includes 45 credit hours of courses related to business planning management and entrepreneurship. If you are majoring in Human Resources Management or other disciplines, you can do a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship of 15 Credit hours which can be completed in one semester.  

Engineering Students

For Engineering students, it is recommended to apply for a “Major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship” which is composed of eight courses (24 credit hours) that cover startup business management and planning. This program can be completed in one year.

Master Programs

Our academic and auspice partners provide interesting and state of the art master qualifications with concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship. We recommend our Business graduates to apply for the MBA flagship program offered by Central Queensland University which is ranked 9th in The Australian Financial Review Boss MBA 2017 Rankings, and Tier One Global MBA by CEO Magazine rankings in 2017. To find more details about this program, please visit CQU webpage for the Master of Business Administration.

MBA at Central Queensland University

Also, we recommend our Engineering graduates to apply for a Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MEIE) offered by Ryerson University in Toronto.

This 16-month, four-semester program is designed for engineering students and industry professionals interested in advancing their own technology-based startups within one of three tracks: Biomedical Engineering, Emerging Technology or Energy and Sustainable Innovation. Following the lean-startup development process, students take their concepts through three distinct phases: customer discovery, customer validation and customer acquisition, refining their projects from untested ideas into viable businesses. Students will gain the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience necessary to drive and manage innovation in existing companies or their own ventures. Click here to visit the webpage of this program.

MEIE at Ryerson University

Special training courses in innovation and entrepreneurship

In coordination with ACK corporate training, CIEACK provides special training courses in lean business startups, product and service innovation, customer validation and acquisition, strategic management and much more. These courses are available for the public and anyone interested can register in them.

Social Innovation

In cooperation with our auspice partners Central Queensland University, we offer an interesting academic program in social innovation which is a concept that seeks to find innovative and sustainable solutions to social needs or problems. It includes the social processes of innovation

Social innovation is about empowering and educating our students, staff and communities to seek novel solutions to complex social problems. Both social entrepreneurship and social enterprise are important contributions to social innovation by creating social value and introducing new ways of achieving goals. Social entrepreneurship brings “new patterns and possibilities for innovation” and are willing to do things that existing organizations are not willing to do.

Social innovation at CQU

From Ideation to commercialization

We prepare our students to become the future entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our professional development courses focus on attributes and skills need by entrepreneurs and business starters such as critical thinking, problem solving, team work, confident presentation skills, self-leadership and strategic planning. Our students will acquire underpinning knowledge to explore business opportunities and to be creative and innovative in developing new business ideas that can be successfully commercialized.

CIEACK Entrepreneurship Excellence Cycle

1-Ideation and customer validation

2-CIEACK Pitching competition

3-Incubation of winning business ideas.

4-Production of strategic business plan.

5-Seek investor funding.

6-Market entry

7-Acceleration programs



10-Scale up

 Our Strategic Partners

Arab Planning Institute, SMEs division (add hyperlink here)



Useful Links

National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise Development (add link here)

Fikra Program


Do you have a new business idea?

If you have a new business idea and you would like to take it further, contact us on we will give you the right advice to develop it until it reaches successful commercialization.

Are you a change maker?

Social innovators or ‘change makers’ are people who have the creative problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence, agility, confidence and desire to address social problems and drive real change. They recognize that complex social problems have systemic roots and they seek to address not just the symptoms but the causes, to break the old patterns and ways of thinking that led to the emergence of the problems in the first place. They develop new strategies, ideas and organizations that meet social needs of all kinds - from working conditions and education to community development and health.

If you have a brilliant idea that can solve a problem or improve our interactions and add value to our society, we are ready to listen to you and give you the right advice to develop it and grow it. Share it with us on

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