Center For Learning Differences

Center For Learning Differences

The Centre for Learning Differences believes in the fundamental principle that all students have the right to an equal opportunity to education. The Centre for Learning Differences is committed to the ongoing support and development of students, ensuring a culture that promotes inclusivity and access to appropriate support.

The Centre for Learning Differences focuses on students who have a recognised disability and ensures the facilitation of provisions covered by the Rights of People with Disabilities State of Kuwait (Law Number 8 in 2010). Therefore, students are entitled to reasonable academic adjustments to help them overcome any difficulties caused by their condition.

To promote awareness and a greater understanding of the educational needs of students’ disabilities, and to advocate for improving access for educational achievement.

The Centre for Learning Differences is committed to ensuring students with disabilities receive appropriate academic support by improving their educational experience through collaborations with faculty and staff while encouraging student self-advocacy.


The Centre for Learning Differences (CLD) objectives include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide academic support for students with learning differences (LD), sensory or mobility disorders and chronic medical conditions.
  • Work proactively with academic schools to identify individual pathways, with documented support strategies, so that all students have the opportunity to learn in a manner that suits their abilities.
  • Improve services for students registered with the CLD
  • Strengthen communication and cooperation between CLD and academic schools.
  • Point of contact between the different departments to communicate the students’ needs and concerns regarding their disabilities. This coordinated approach assures consistency and fair treatment to all students registered with the Centre for Learning Differences.
  • Conducts individual and small group intervention and remediation sessions for students with disabilities including organisational skills, study skills and time management skills.
  • Spread awareness of the issues and challenges faced by students registered with CLD.
  • Provide an appropriate and comfortable space for students registered with CLD to take their assessments and study with minimal distractions.
  • Assist students that require specialised exam support such as but not limited to: exam reader or scribe.

Contact the Center for Learning Differences

Ms. Layal Al-Kouz – Officer
EXT: 4395