Head of Department Welcome Message

Dr. Sayed M. Soleimani, P.E., P.Eng.

Head of Civil Engineering Department

Civil Engineering is an ancient study; the cornerstone of development in the old and modern worlds. By nature, people will always strive to reach higher places, making better use of the land available to them to construct buildings and wonders no one has ever thought of before. Understanding the art and science of Civil Engineering is the basis of all that and much more!

We at the Department of Civil Engineering at the Australian College of Kuwait aim to equip our graduates to become capable civil engineers. We do so by preparing them with the latest techniques, technologies and training skills to become individuals armed with the knowledge to tackle any given task, problem, or project, while considering different angles to achieve the best possible result.  We give our students in-depth knowledge in various Civil Engineering disciplines, including Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, and Traffic Engineering, to name a few.

Being part of a technical college, we place a great emphasis on lab work; students are encouraged to conduct hands-on experiments to see the concepts they have learned in class being demonstrated right in front of them. In recent years, the Australian College of Kuwait has adopted a new approach in education: PBL (Project-Based Learning). Over the duration of their studies, students are given specific projects and are treated as engineers as they seek to complete it from start to finish, allowing them to think for themselves, work together in multi-disciplinary teams, and seek out the advice of industry experts to help them gain the knowledge required to finish the given task. Doing so allows the students to have a feel for how the work would be in the real world and prepares them for different scenarios ahead of time.

If you believe you have the talent, passion and drive to understand how the built environment around you works, then consider enrolling in the Civil Engineering program at the Australian College of Kuwait.