Clinic Procedure

Clinic Procedure


Provide health care to promote wellness, and assist all ACK students and staff by handling medical emergencies on campus.


This procedure outlines clinical services scope provided at ACK Clinic.


Medical Visits

  • Patients to visit clinic when they have a medical problem or issue.
  • Patients to state clearly their health issue.
  • Personal visits are not allowed as this affects the quality of the health care delivery. Patient must attend the clinic for medical treatments (this is with the exclusion of medical emergencies – please refer to clause 3.3).
  • Patients must understand instructions related to their treatment.
  • If instructions are not clear, patients should ask for clarification.
  • Student sick leaves are not handled by the clinic rather the student service center. Staff sick leaves are not handled by the clinic rather Human Resources.

Medical Consent Form

  • If patient wishes to refuse medical instructions or treatment, a consent form will be given for signature and this form will be kept at the clinic in the patients file for records.

Medical Emergency

  • Clinic staff provides onsite service in campus if emergency occurs and patient is unable to visit the clinic.
  • Press clinic button on the emergency red phones around campus.
  • Clinic staff will attend emergency site to host the patient.

After Hour Medical Care

  • Clinic working hours are from 8 AM up until 8 PM.
  • If the Clinic is closed and there is an after hour medical emergency, call Kuwait’s Emergency Phone Number of Police, Ambulance and Fire Services: 112.

Event Medical Requests

  • Clinic staff will attend sporting and or college events upon receiving an email request in email writing. A department that wishes to host an event can email the Health & Safety Helpdesk. Email address: health&
  • This also includes examinations or projects working on weekends.
  • One-week prior notice is mandatory to schedule clinic staff with contracted hospital.
  • Clinic staff will provide first aid treatment at these events.
  • In cases beyond first aid treatments or emergencies patient will be transferred to nearest hospital.

Ensuring Clinical Services Efficiency and Satisfactory

  • To ensure clinic services are efficient and satisfactory, there are two channels approaches: surveys and monthly clinical evaluation done by H&S under procedure ‘H&S Controls Over Clinical Activities Procedure (ACK.PR.HS.10)’.
  • Surveys can be found on ACK portal page for students, and on Health and Safety portal page for staff. Hardcopies are found with clinic staff.
  • By the end of each month, clinic staff shall provide H&S Officer copies of hardcopy surveys.
  • H&S Officer shall combine hardcopy surveys with electronic surveys to give summary of responses to Manager - H&S Business Development on the Summary of Clinic Survey Response Form (ACK.FO.HS. 01.02).
  • Manager - H&S Business Development shall review summary of responses. In case of unsatisfied responses are found, these responses will be discussed by Senior Manager - H&S with clinic staff. In case of high number of unsatisfied responses, Senior Manager - H&S shall investigate the subject matter.


  • ACK Clinic: where patients are given primary care medical treatment.
  • Patient: a person receiving a medical treatment.
  • Medical Emergency: a serious and unexpected situation involving illness or injury and requiring immediate action.


  • Patient Feedback Form (ACK.FO.HS.01.01)
  • Patient Feedback Evaluation Results Form (ACK.FO.HS.01.02)

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