Code of Conduct for ACK Library Users Policy

Code of Conduct for ACK Library Users Policy


To set standards of conduct expected of all users in the ACK Library.


This policy applies to ACK registered students, faculty and staff.


  • All faculty, staff and students of ACK have the right to use the facilities of the ACK Library without undue distraction or disturbance.
  • Within the precincts of the ACK Library, no person shall act in a manner which interferes with the comfort or convenience of other users.
  • ACK ID cards must be shown in response to request from any member of the ACK Library staff who may require such identification in the course of their duties. It is a condition of entry into the ACK library that library staff can inspect all bags, folders or other receptacles capable of containing library materials and their contents.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in the library.
  • No substance which is liable to cause damage to library materials may be taken into the ACK library, including food and drink items as well as flammable items.
  • Talking is not permitted in reading areas: quite conversations are allowed for the purpose of seeking assistance from library staff.
  • The reservation of seats or computers is not permitted.
  • Library staff may remove books and other articles which have been left unattended on chairs and/or tables in the ACK library for more than twenty minutes. Articles left in these areas at closing time will be removed and sent to the security office lost property section. ACK accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left in the building.
  • Library users are responsible for all material borrowed in their name and will be charged the replacement cost of any item not returned, plus an additional fee for processing.
  • No user shall deface, mutilate or destroy library materials. In addition to any penalty that may be imposed for such conduct under the terms of this document or the Student Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure (ACK.PLR.SA.01), the person concerned shall be liable to pay the full cost of repair or replacement of any damaged material.
  • Users are responsible for all library materials borrowed in their name until such time as the items are returned to the Library and deleted from the loan register. Borrowers will be charged the cost of replacing any item that is not returned.
  • Users should obey any reasonable directions of ACK Library staff in enforcing this code of conduct.


  • Flammable Items: Acids, compressed gas, flammable liquids, explosives, etc.



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