Communicable Diseases Policy and Procedure

Communicable Diseases Policy and Procedure


  • The purpose of this document is to:
    • Safeguard the welfare of visitors, students and staff on the ACK campus;
    • Maintain the operations of ACK in an effective and efficient manner;
    • Inform and advise the ACK community with respect to communicable disease; and
    • Control any potential exposures of communicable diseases to faculty, staff and students on ACK’s campus.


This policy applies College-Wide and includes ACK faculty, staff, visitors and students. Staff, students and visitors should note that communicable diseases may be a potential health problem for the university community and should be aware of the steps necessary to reduce exposure to the same. As with any community, students studying and functioning in close proximity to one another are susceptible to communicable diseases.


  • ACK recognizes that certain communicable diseases jeopardize the health, welfare and safety of the members of ACK’s community.
  • ACK will ensure that Health and Safety standards are fully adhered to in an effort to prevent the transmission of communicable diseases on ACK’s campus.
  • The College will provide education and information in the aim to increase awareness on communicable diseases and will emphasize the recommendations of the public health services.
  • ACK does not presently undertake a program to screen new and current faculty, staff and students for communicable diseases. However, the College reserves the right to request any faculty, staff or student suspected to be infected with a communicable disease to undertake a medical examination by a licensed healthcare provider.
  • The College may become aware of a faculty, staff or student suffering from a communicable disease in a number of circumstances such as:
    • A visit to ACK’s Health Care Provider;
    • On Campus;
    • Off Campus activities;
    • During a field trip;
    • Placement in industry;
    • Information coming from a variety of sources.
  • Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the scope of this policy and identify any individual suspected of having a communicable disease in order to:
    • Minimize the number of incidents;
    • Reduce the severity of impact;
    • Minimize the spread of the communicable disease on campus.
  • No student or staff member who contracts a contagious infection or disease while enrolled/employed will be asked to leave campus or withdraw because of his/her illness unless he/she poses a danger to campus community members as determined by the local Public Health Authority.


  • Faculty, staff, and students with a communicable disease have a duty of care to minimize the risk of transmission to others.
  • Faculty, staff and students are expected to contact Health and Safety if they suspect an individual has a communicable disease.
  • Faculty, staff or students diagnosed with a communicable disease are required to inform Human Resources or Student Affairs. Student Affairs or Human Resources will notify the Vice President – Academic Affairs and the Vice President – Administrative Affairs and coordinate with Health and Safety to ensure precautionary measures are implemented.
  • The Student’s Attendance on ACK campus and the sick leave status of a faculty or staff member with a communicable disease will be considered by Student Affairs or Human Resources, Vice President – Academic Affairs and the Vice President – Administrative Affairs on a case by case basis along with necessary medical evidence in consultation with Health and Safety in a manner that maintains the confidentiality of the individual.

Isolation Requirement upon Infection with a Communicable Disease

  • Isolation may be necessary when the individual, based on medical evidence (confirmed by ACK’s Health and Safety Department), presents a risk of infection to others.
  • When isolation is necessary, ACK will deal with the individual in a manner that exemplifies compassion and maintain the highest standards of confidentiality.
  • Any ACK faculty, staff or student diagnosed with a communicable disease that poses a direct threat to the Health, Safety and Welfare of the ACK community, who does not honour ACK’s Policies and Procedures and engages in conduct known to result in infection of others or ignores specific instructions such as required isolation periods will be subject to sanctions as per the Student Code of Conduct (ACK.PLR.SA.01) or Staff Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure (ACK.PLR.HR.15).

Isolation Periods

  • For Students: When a student presents with a communicable disease, he /she must apply for an excused absence as per the terms of the Student Attendance Policy and Procedure (ACK.PLR.VPAC.01). When a student with a communicable disease requires a prolonged period of isolation (more than 2 consecutive teaching weeks as per ACK’s Student Attendance Policy and Procedure), he/she may be advised to defer his/her studies for one semester as per the terms of ACK’s Student Deferral Policy (ACK.PL.AR.205).
  • For Faculty and Staff: Periods of isolation due to communicable diseases will be provided as per the terms of ACK’s Sick, Compassionate, Maternity, Hajj, Professional Development and Study Leave Policy (ACK.Pl.HR.10).

Return to Study/Work

  • Faculty, staff or students returning to ACK after recovering from a communicable disease must provide a statement of non-communicability from their Health Care Provider to Student Affairs or Human Resources before returning to ACK campus.
  • The Statement of non-communicability submitted by the individual will be validated by Health and Safety. Upon validation, Health and Safety will inform Student Affairs or Human Resources, Vice President – Academic Affairs and the Vice President – Administrative Affairs to allow the faculty, staff or student to return to full campus activity.


  • ACK recognizes the importance of maintaining individual confidentiality while protecting the welfare of the ACK community.
  • ACK will strictly observe public health reporting requirements whenever necessary.


  • Communicable diseases: for the purposes of this document consist of any and all forms of infectious diseases that are transmissible and which could put the College community at risk.
  • Isolation: for the purposes of this document refers to the medical recommended isolation period for faculty, staff or students as prescribed by a public health official due to an infection with a communicable disease. The isolation period will last until the specified period for quarantine ends.
  • Individual: for the purposes of this document refers to any ACK faculty, staff or student suspected to be infected with a communicable disease.
  • Statement of Non-communicability: for the purposes of this document refers to signed medical evidence from a public healthcare provider that the required isolation period for the individual suspected with a communicable disease has ended and his/her communicable disease no longer poses a threat of infection to others.



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