Accredited Courses and Certifications

"​When you have worked hard to achieve an outcome from a training program

 you want to be sure it is worth more than the piece of paper it is written on."

ACK CT provides a wide range of Accredited Courses as well as non-Endorsed Programs.

Accredited courses are learning programs that comply with industry and international standards. To complete an accredited course, learners must demonstrate that they have achieved the required level of competency expected. Accredited courses may carry the endorsement of a professional, trade or industry body. Our accredited courses are assessed under the auspice or license of an awarding body resulting in a part or full qualification. Credit for these courses may be transferred toward higher awards and qualifications.

Certified courses are awards that result from the completion of an accredited program and are awarded by an external professional body.

Non-Endorsed Programs are usually short subject specific courses conducted for non-specialist or non-supervisory roles. 

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Business Essentials
"Sharpen the Saw." - Steven Covey 

The knowledge and skills people need to engage in business activities is more extensive today than what was required in the past. When it comes to individual and team development ‘soft skills’ are required for career and organizational success.

Business Essentials cover a multitude of areas including: career development; human resources; supervising and managing; sales and marketing; ethics and continuous improvement related programs, relevant to achieving success in the current working environment.  The programs are highly interactive and practical. Our team of professional facilitators draw upon their considerable real life corporate experience to bring a high degree of relevancy through examples and factual case studies.

ACK CT offers courses designed to improve essential business skills that can be targeted from entry level employees through to supervisors, managers and senior executives.

We can provide both accredited and non-accredited programs.

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Customer Service
 "If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that.

Word of mouth is very powerful." - Jeff Bezos, CEO

With product differentiation becoming less obvious, businesses are more reliant on excellence in customer service to provide a competitive edge. 

ACK CT offers a range of customer service programs including internationally recognized awards. Our courses are practical and interactive to facilitate employees’ development of exceptional customer service skills.  

By effectively improving employees’ confidence and competence in dealing with customers, we are able to significantly increase cooperation, teamwork and commitment in delivering a superb customer experience. 

ACK CT offers supervisors, managers and executives strategic and operational customer service programs that focus on managing the customer experience through teams and individuals and developing approaches to build customer loyalty. 

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"Design it, Build it, Maintain it, Improve it - Engineering makes the world go round."

ACK CT has the capacity to design and deliver a wide range of courses in Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical Oil & Gas and Civil Engineering that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 

ACK CT draws upon the expertise of internationally qualified professionals from the ACK Engineering Diploma and Degree Departments, as well as a pool of external specialist consultants, to deliver high quality, relevant and up to date courses. 

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English Language
"English may not be your mother tongue but it is the native language of business."
There is a growing demand for employees to demonstrate English proficiency. Employees with strong English capabilities are better equipped to meet the diverse needs of your customers and to better serve your business interests. ACK CT offers specialist English language programs focusing on industry specific needs in areas such as security, hospitality, finance and service sectors. We are able to tailor a program specific to the needs of your business. Our English Language Instructors are highly qualified professionals who are native English speakers and with experience of Kuwaiti learning styles. ACK CT programs are conducted in a dynamic, practical and motivating manner so that the individual participant gains maximum value from the experience. Click here for a list of English language courses  For detailed Course Outlines please click on the highlighted headings below: Certified Courses:
  • English for Business Communication
  • English for Office Skills
  • International English for Speakers of Other Languages (IESOL)
  • International Spoken English for Speakers of Other Languages (ISESOL)
General English Language Courses:
  • General English Language Courses
Specified English Language Courses:
  • English for Accounting
  • English for Aviation
  • English for Communication
  • English for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • English for E-mail
  • English for Human Resources
  • English for Media
  • English for Meetings
  • English for Presentations
  • English for the Financial Sector
  • English for Telephoning
  • English for the Hotel Industry
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​"Discover the Innovator Inside of You."
Kuwait is rich with talent and blessed with enthusiastic people who have some great business ideas. ACK CT offers dynamic development events that can help you:
  • Discover your talent as an entrepreneur;
  • Explore your business idea;
  • Identify opportunities and obstacles;
  • Plan for success; and
  • Make your dream business a reality.
Our Entrepreneurship Courses provide you with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to enable you to join the business world and make a valuable contribution to your community. Using accreditation from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) we can offer internally recognized awards that will demonstrate to others just how serious you are.  ACK CT Entrepreneur Courses cater for the needs of novice through to the experienced business operator who wants to break into a new enterprise or expand on an existing concept. Click here for a list of Entrepreneurship courses For more information on how to build your ideas into reality Contact Us.​
Information Technology
​​"Click. Boom. Amazing!" - Steve Jobs, CEO Apple, 2006
An investment in employees’ IT knowledge and skills is an investment in future business growth. The world of rapidly changing Information Technology impacts on every aspect of business applications. Keeping employees, managers and executives up to date is a major challenge.  ACK CT enables organizations to meet the IT challenge through providing timely and cost training courses customized to meet the specifications of your business needs. Our Microsoft Certified Trainers deliver cutting edge learning solutions across the major business applications including Windows, MS Office, Auto CAD and Internet Applications.  Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification:
  • MOS-Microsoft Office Access Certification
  • MOS-Microsoft Office Excel Certification
  • MOS-Microsoft Office OneNote Certification
  • MOS-Microsoft Office Outlook Certification
  • MOS-Microsoft Office PowerPoint Certification
  • MOS-Microsoft Office Word Certification
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Leadership and Coaching
"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - John F. Kennedy 

ACK CT offers a comprehensive suite of leadership, management and coaching programs to help you develop the leadership capabilities of your key people. Whether you are looking for a basic supervisory course or a sophisticated executive program for strategic planning (or something in between), ACK CT can provide the ideal solution. Our leadership and coaching courses can be customized to meet your needs and encompass both international accreditation and local endorsement. 

ACT CT leadership and coaching facilitators all have strong backgrounds in theory and practical applications and can draw on extensive international experience across a spectrum of industries. We encourage our design and delivery people to keep abreast of developments through research and affiliations with international professional bodies. 

For more information on how our leadership and coaching courses can inspire your talent and develop future business leaders Contact Us today. 

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Learning and Development
"Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach." - Aristotle

Providing in-house training and development makes a lot of sense. Being able to draw upon your own training resources enables you to provide your people with continuous development opportunities in an efficient and economical manner. You do not have to employ full time trainers to accomplish this, but you do need to have people who understand the dynamics of training and have the knowledge and skills to run training sessions. 

ACK CT offers courses that focus on enabling people interested in training to learn about successful adult learning techniques so that they can develop and deliver effective in-house learning workshops. The knowledge and skills covered include the process of training design, delivery techniques and assessment that can be incorporated across your business. 

We offer international accredited courses to give participants recognition of their successful completion of formal qualifications which will give your business training programs added credibility. 

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Workplace Safety Environment
"Each year across the world workplace accidents and illnesses cause more than 2.2 million deaths and many, many more employees suffer serious disabilities." - International Labor Organization

Workplace Health and Safety is not only a legal requirement under Kuwait Labor law but, according to the International Labor Organization’s Convention, every employee has the right to expect a safe and health working environment. ACK CT offers relevant and comprehensive Health and Safety programs that enable employers to meet their legal, financial and moral obligations. 

Through our partnerships with international professional bodies we bring to Kuwait a comprehensive range of programs specifically designed to match the health, safety, environmental and risk management requirements of industries in the private and public sectors. 

Our dedicated Health and Safety professionals keep abreast of Workplace Health and Safety trends and developments to ensure your organization receives the most recent and relevant information and training. ACK CT conducts Health and Safety events including an annual symposium and seminars. 

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Customized Courses
"If you treat an individual... as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When it comes to learning and development, ‘One size fits all’ does not make sense. ACK CT recognizes that every organization has unique structures, cultures, values and needs. These unique features deserve to be supported by development programs that reinforce them.

Using a highly qualified and experienced instructional design team, ACK CT has the flexibility and dynamic capability to produce events, programs and packages that meet specific requirements

Through professional consultation with clients ACK CT is able to recommend combinations of internationally accredited programs through our certifying partners together with locally designed learning programs to achieve outstanding results.

All tailored learning and development solutions are subject to rigorous quality control to ensure accuracy, relevancy and cultural appropriateness of materials and assessments.

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