Distance Learning

1. Distance Learning (e-learning) at ACK

The Australian College of Kuwait has always been committed to ensure the academic progress of its students, especially during the current circumstances of COVID-19. Ideally, universities implement e-learning, where appropriate, to support the achievement of their goals in providing student-centered learning experiences that are flexible, responsive, effective and meet the needs of all learners and partners.

The unexpected health pandemic caused by COVID-19 expedited the process of adopting e-learning and allowed the College to implement it within a short timeframe. Following PUC’s approval, ACK has adopted e-learning since Spring 2019-2020.
E-learning promotes an active and student-centered approach that nourishes students’ skills. Through e-learning, students are empowered to utilize the available e-materials and e-library provided by the College and can make good use of the simulation and the virtual reality tools and laboratories.

3. Tools that students will need for Distance Learning

Students will need a laptop/desktop/tablet, an internet connection and study materials.

For Microsoft Teams requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. However, Firefox does not fully support Microsoft Teams meetings.
  • Compatible with Android phones and tablets. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For the best experience with Microsoft Teams, use the latest version of iOS and Android.
4. How to use E-Learning Platforms?
  • MyLMS (Moodle) is the main platform utilized to share the courses materials with the students, conduct online assessments in various forms (exams, quizzes, assignments, etc.), send official announcements and many other functions. To access MyLMS Students’ Guide, please follow the link.
  • Microsoft Teams is a communication tool that allows the College to directly connect with students, conduct virtual lectures, meetings, presentations, live discussions, etc. To access MS Teams Students’ Guide, please follow the link.
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser is a secure browser for taking exams and quizzes in myLMS (Moodle). To access Respondus Students’ Guide, please follow the link.

For additional information, please refer to ACK’s portal page on e-learning which also includes training videos and multiple resources.

5. Distance Learning Documents
Distance Learning Manual, this document offers an insight into e-learning at ACK, and provides explanations on how to use the available platforms. To access the Distance Learning Manual, Please follow the link.

Student’s Netiquette Guide for Distance Learning (E-Learning) to access the Netiquette Guide, please follow the link.

6. E-Learning Policies and Procedures

Please be informed that all the College’s policies and procedures apply to you when you are studying online with ACK. These policies and procedures are available on ACK Portal. Whenever necessary, we will inform you of any updates to these policies through your official student email account.

7. E-Learning Attendance

Attendance will be monitored and logged by each course instructor.

You are required to have your web-cameras on throughout the duration of the live teaching sessions.

8. E-Learning Assessments

The detailed arrangements regarding laboratory and other applied aspects of learning will be presented to students in the most effective means possible using electronic mediums. Similarly, project type work that would normally be undertaken by groups will be modified so that learning and assessments can be undertaken in team situations, but restricted to online activity. PBL courses, final year projects, and internships will be offered online and the learning and assessments will be tailored so that the requirements can be completed without the need for face to face communication. Where necessary, projects will be modified using simulation/theoretical based means for assessments. During the first week of e-learning semester, all faculty members will explain to students the method of delivery and assessments for their courses. The online assessments will include one or more of the following assessment methods: exams, quizzes, assignments, projects, open-book exams and other activities as appropriate for individual course requirements.

9. General Rules
  • It is important that you never share your login authentications of username and password with another person.
  • Remember to always log-out when you are done.
  • All the contents posted on these online platforms are the sole property of ACK. It is very important that you familiarize yourselves with the College’s Intellectual Property Policy and Copyright Policy.
  • You are required to have your web-cameras on throughout the duration of the live teaching sessions, otherwise you are marked absent from the class.
  • During any online assessment session, you are expected to have your cameras and microphones switched on throughout the duration of the exam for identity and integrity verification purposes and to record your performance during the exam. Failure to do so is considered a breach to the College’s Code of Academic Integrity and will be handled accordingly.
  • Misusing the College’s online resources includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Uploading, downloading, reviewing, and running any material not related to the coursework. This material may include games, files, scripts, dynamic link libraries, videos, etc.;
    • Sharing materials such as but not limited to PowerPoint Presentations and/or Videos with another person not in your class;
    • Using the chatting facilities built within these online platforms for social chatting or posting any inappropriate message;
    • Recording of lectures’ live chats or students’ group discussions without the permission of the instructor or the students’ group members;
    • Taking pictures or making videos of the lectures without prior written consent;
    • Breaches to the College’s Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure.
  • Any misuse of the College’s online resources is strictly prohibited and is considered a violation of the College’s policies and procedures which could lead to disciplinary measures such as denying access to the online system and failing the semester.
  • Always remember, if ever in doubt of what constitutes a misuse, please consult your instructor.
10. ACK Online Communication Guide