Career Opportunities

Electrical Engineering Department’s Diploma and Bachelor graduates have a wealth of favorable job opportunities that include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Government and private agencies dealing with ordering, maintenance, and operation of electrical and electronics equipment and instruments.
  • Engineering and business consulting firms such as oil and gas industry, power generation, telecommunications, utilities industry.
  • Firms involved in installation and maintenance of power systems, automatic control systems, wireless systems and services, and industrial machinery.
  • Public and private sectors providing services to assemble and disassemble electronics apparatus; diagnose and troubleshoot faults in industrial electric circuits.
  • Companies involved in programming computers and systems that are used in a wide range of other firms.
  • Engineering manufacturing and maintenance companies dealing with electrical, electronic, computer and office equipment.
  • Educational sectors focusing on electrical engineering courses and professional development.
  • Other engineering industries such as food, aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction, defense, marine, materials and metals industry.
  • Costumer services industries involving electrical and electronics goods and products.