Alumni Ambassadors

Since our first cohort of 202 graduates completed their studies in 2006, each of our alumni has their own special memories of their time at the college and their subsequent life-career journeys. Below is just a small cross-section of their stories.

Sarah Faleh Mehawesh

ACK has taught me not to be afraid to take risks.
  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering - 2012
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering - 2010
Work Place: MEW - Shuwaikh Power Generation and Water Desalination Station - Mechanical Maintenance Section - Desalination Engineer
I have graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from ACK. I still cannot believe I have uttered those very words. I am truly proud to share that I have learned and accomplished some amazing things like to aspire to inspire and to not be afraid to take risks. ACK has also taught me that if you keep learning from your successes, to follow your heart - often this means doing what is hard - and to stay true to your values, your life will be rich, satisfying, and deeply rewarding. In honor of being a former student at ACK, I would like to give thanks to the Alumni Center. To them, I owe my sincerest appreciation as they have shown me plenty of ways to connect with my colleagues and friends. The Alumni Center has also allowed me to stay up to date with all the event planning and bazaars that have taken place at ACK. From this, I can proudly walk away as an alumna ACK graduate knowing I will always be part of the ACK family and friends.

Soud Naser Al Juwaiyann

ACK has given me the Confidence and the Knowledge.
  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering - 2011
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering - 2009
Work Place: Founder of a non-profit organization - OXadventure
After finishing my university degree as a Mechanical Engineer at The Australian College of Kuwait, I spent time at a leading oil service company, Schlumberger, in Kuwait. I spent most of my time in the oil field as an oil field engineer. I learned so many things while I was away in the field from my society, friends and family. I quit my job after that to backpack around the world for six months to learn more about the world and expand my mind to the unknown. I lost myself amongst the beauty of nature and in the experiences. I learned from cultures and religions. I stayed in cheap guesthouses to save money, ate local food to satisfy my taste palate, and I enjoyed meeting the locals to absorb their culture and apply it in my life. I donated my time and money to help others improve themselves, so that we could give back a little to the places who have given so much to us. Traveling reminds me that I am alive. For me, it is the ultimate freedom from typical society and mundane responsibilities. Then I founded OXadventure to inspire youth through travel, charity and adventure. The purpose of OXadventure is to create global citizens and to enrich the minds of the future leaders while providing a way to utilize their educational skills outside the classroom. We did more than ten sustainable development projects around the world and we still try so hard to change the world.My degree and academic studies at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) have given me the confidence and knowledge to run my non-profit organization in a professional way. The years I spent as an engineering student, I was trained on how to solve problems, think logically and follow a methodology to uncover useful solutions. Those are the keys to my success to run my non-profit organization.

Nada Magdy Soliman

ACK is my Second Home.
  • Bachelors in Business Marketing - 2012
  • Diploma in Business Marketing – 2009
Work Place: PR Executive for H&M MENA at M.H. Al Shaya Company
I know the title is a bit cliché, but this is the truth. I spent way more time at ACK than I ever did at home, amongst my friends and my teachers. I was able to first experience my music on stage among people that support me and love me and to be given that chance from an educational structure is a huge step forward in the field of learning in Kuwait. I was able to get my first job as a Marketing and PR Coordinator because of the experience I received from my Marketing Diploma, so I found a job way before anyone else in my class. By the time I graduated, I was already at work for a year. Now fast forward after four years, I am working as a PR Executive for H&M MENA at M.H. Al Shaya Company. I can't believe it's been nine years since I first joined ACK.

Maali Yousef Hussain Salmeen

ACK changed my entire outlook on life.
Major: Diploma in Aviation - 2011
Work Place: Kuwait Airways – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
My time at ACK didn't only change my life, it changed my entire outlook on life and the future. The short amount of time I spent here taking me from being great, to being invincible. I learned that engineering was my destiny, and now, I am the first female engineer working in the Kuwait Airways hangar. I certainly owe ACK a lot for making me love doing what I do and because of this, I am more driven and motivated in all other aspects of my life. As a professional fighter and coach, I push myself and my students to the highest levels of potential, and the way I manage that is to constantly remind myself why I do what I do, that reason is passion.

Manayer Yousef Salmeen

ACK taught me not to be afraid.
  • Bachelors of Engineering, Oil & Gas - 2011
  • Diploma in Oil & Gas Engineering – 2009
Work Place:
  • KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) as a Reservoir Engineer (May 2013 – Present)
  • Business Owner “Condition Combat “
  • Halliburton as a Petroleum Engineer (March 2012 – May 2013)
ACK taught me not to be afraid of the world, to grab opportunities, and drag my dreams down the road with me wherever I am going. These are the things that cannot be learnt through reading books, and that is what makes ACK different. I am proud to call myself an ACK Graduate.

Salah Makki Hajji Al-Shatti

ACK made a difference.
  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering - 2012
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering – 2010
Work Place:
  • KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) Construction Engineer - Mechanical (Technical Support Team)
  • Co –Founder of Vitality Fitness Club
It is a great feeling when you fly to a new place where you can find a beautiful atmosphere and amazing people that always make you happy and support you. This place is called “ACK” where you can make your dreams come true. My dream is to be an Engineer but not any Engineer, a special Engineer where I can always keep my eyes focused on my goals. I had achieved my goal to work with one of the top ten companies in oil and gas in the world. By the skills, knowledge and culture which I had learned, ACK made a difference. Believe it or not, ACK has its own atmosphere. ACK has unique instructors and ACK has lovely staff.

Ghalia Abdulaziz Kamal

ACK has had the greatest impact which has made me who and what I am today.
  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering - 2010
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering – 2008
Work Place:
  • Fluor Kuwait as a Mechanical Engineer (Construction)
ACK had been the right first step that I’ve taken to plan my career. It fulfilled my desire in mechanical engineering with theory, science and technology. It made me see the world and feel everything around me from a professional engineering point of view. It’s where I’ve established my personality and developed my potential. It’s where I’ve boosted my skills and improved my talents. ACK had given me all the weapons that I needed to be a specialist in my field and the opportunity to start a successful career and life outside its campus. I’ve been so lucky to be taught, surrounded and supervised by experienced professional instructors from all over the world. Those who inspired me with their knowledge, values, ethics and support to be always on top of everything and to “keep going” all the way and challenging every obstacle that I have faced. I’m very confident to say that ACK had the greatest impact which made me who and what I am today. I’m so proud and grateful to have ACK as a loving and supporting family through my education, career and life path.

Rawiah Alateeqi

ACK enhanced my personal and professional experience as a General Manager.
  • Bachelors in Business Marketing - 2011
  • Diploma in Business Marketing - 2009
Work Place:
  • EPR for Advertising and Publicity - General Manager
My degree and academic studies at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) have given me the right experience, knowledge and the chance to present myself as a professional marketer in the business industry. Working at EPR for Advertising and Publicity has enabled me to apply those studies at work; especially as EPR is a small private local company. I perform a wide range of tasks in Marketing, Public Relations, Sponsorship and Events. As the General Manager of EPR, I am responsible for managing the company events and activities, come up with innovative concepts, and plan the annual marketing and PR plan. My academic background at ACK and practical experience allows me to further enhance my personal and professional experience.

Shawaf Mohamed Al-Shawaf

ACK provided a world-class degree with a challenging curriculum.
  • Bachelors of Business Marketing
  • Diploma-Marketing
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing (2016-present) – University of Kent
  • Master of Science in International Marketing (2015-2016) – University of Brighton
  • Master of Business Administration (2012-2014) – Gulf University for Science & Technology
  • Bachelor of Business (2010-2012) – Australian College of Kuwait/University of Tasmania
  • Diploma in Marketing (2007-2009) – Australian College of Kuwait
Work Place:
  • Founder & CEO of Dolsten (2012-present)
A college education is the foundation to unlock human potential and make a positive impact in the community that prospers society. The best investment one can make is in a high quality education. ACK provided a world-class degree with a challenging curriculum designed to prepare students with the skills they need to improve their lives like problem solving and critical thinking. I’m applying these skills to my small business and they are contributing to making better decisions and proper planning. Research skills are another important requirement for continuing my graduate studies which I developed during my degree course.

Madonna Ghanem

  • Bachelors in Business Management - 2011
  • Diploma in Business Management – 2007
Work Place:
  • Biosphere Spa Manager
  • Business Consultant
My degree and academic studies at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) have given me the ability to plan, manage, and lead four branches of a ladies’ spa with more than 150 Staff. ACK equipped me with the skills and the knowledge needed to be a successful proactive manager and entrepreneur in a very competitive spa and wellness market in Kuwait. The practical experience we gained in Diploma gave me the chance to sharpen my skills and the academic studies helped me to manage daily operations and plan for Biosphere Spa’s success and expansion among Kuwait and the GCC countries. In the end, I am simply proud of being an ACK graduate.