Mission, Goals, and Objectives


The mission of the Alumni and Career Placement Center is to promote bonding relationship with ACK graduating students and Alumni for a lifelong higher education, learning, giving and mutual supporting relationship.


  • Promote the College through its alumni and contribute to the greatness of our college;
  • Assist alumni and students to develop career and life planning skills;
  • Provide services to the alumni to enhance engagement after graduation;
  • Liaise with the public and private sector in different industries to provide potential job opportunities for alumni and potential graduates;
  • Support ACK Alumni entrepreneurs and business owners.


Our objectives are to:

  • Increase the interaction between ACK and its Alumni and establish a lifelong relationship with them;
  • Establish a good reputation for ACK graduates in diverse industries, academic research and development;
  • Assist in achieving the alumni’s highest potential by aiding them to become competent, confident and productive;
  • Create opportunities for engagement with alumni on a global scale;
  • Encourage alumni related activities and initiatives;
  • Develop meaningful relationships with our stakeholders internally and externally;
  • Enhance career and professional development among alumni and students;
  • Assist in placing alumni and potential graduates in industry;
  • Continuously measure the level of satisfaction for the services we provide;
  • Effectively communicate and positively reinforce our success in the services and programs we offer.