ACK Launches Engineers Australia Student Society Chapter

ACK officially established the Engineers Australia (EA) Student Society Chapter. The official launch ceremony was attended by Mr. Jeff Hughes, Engineers Australia’s Executive General Manager Member Services, Prof. Isam Zabalawi President of ACK, Dr. Mohamad Abdul Niby - Dean of School of Engineering, ACK staff Members and Engineering students.
During the launch, Mr. Hughes shared Engineers Australia’s support for the Student Society and congratulated ACK’s student committee members for their commitment to promoting the engineering profession on campus.Professor Isam Zabalawi and Dr. Mohammed Abdul Niby also delivered speeches to show their support for EA’s Student Society and its first student committee which represents ACK’s engineering disciplines of Civil, Petroleum, Electrical and Mechanical.
During his speech, Dr. Abdul Niby congratulated the committee members and highlighted that being involved in a student society is an important vehicle for facilitating professional and personal development as a student engineer.

The key role of the newly launched Student Society is to promote and support Engineers Australia membership provided to students throughout their tertiary journey, and to organize professional development and industry networking events for student engineers. The Student Society also provides leadership and project management opportunities for its committee members.

Posted on Nov. 18, 2019

ACK Obtains Full Engineers Australia Accreditation

ACK has received confirmation that all engineering programs at the College are now fully accredited by Engineers Australia (EA). Dean of the School of Engineering, Dr. Mohammed Abdul Niby, proudly announced that this umbrella accreditation is the culmination of meticulous and persistent attention to quality standards and enhancement of programs since the initial accreditation in 2009 for the Bachelor Degree qualifications in Electrical and Petroleum Engineering. In 2012, EA accreditation was extended to cover Bachelor Degrees in Civil and Mechanical Engineering.
During the past two years, the School of Engineering undertook a major project to complete a detailed submission covering accreditation for the diploma level qualifications and re-accreditation for the bachelor level qualifications across all engineering streams. This involved a four volume set of documents providing full details regarding a comprehensive mapping of each ACK course against the standards required by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). In addition, the College was required to provide evidence of quality standards associated with both academic and administrative policies and practices.

Receipt of the full accreditation letter was met with great delight across the campus in September 2019. Dr. Abdul Niby highlighted the significance of this accomplishment for ACK engineering students and alumni. He explained: “All ACK engineering students, in any discipline, can now receive a qualification that has both international academic content and transnational industry recognition. An ACK engineering graduate is now able to produce evidence to prospective employers that their diploma and/or bachelor level studies are at the same standard as a student studying in Australia. Further, ACK engineering alumni are immediately eligible for full associate membership of the professional engineering body, Engineers Australia”.
ACK has always been committed to offering programs that have a combination of required academic knowledge and industry skills so that students are job ready upon graduation.

Posted on Nov. 13, 2019

ACK Hosts Bader Al Essa (Bo Nabeel)

The Teaching and Learning Center at ACK hosted a seminar titled “How to Find Your Passion” on Wednesday, October 30th 2019. The seminar was delivered by Mr. Bader Al Essa, known popularly as “Bo Nabeel”, an entrepreneur and investor who dreams to see the youth at a high level of creative development and achievement.

The objective of the event was to create an impact and help students to find their inner value and passion in order to continue their life successfully with a mission in mind. By pursuing and practicing their passion even on the smallest scale, they allow themselves to excel.

During the seminar, Mr. Bader provided many insightful and helpful tips about understanding the passion in life. The event was engaging, and lots of positive feedbacks were received from the audience, which were a mix of ACK students, staff and registered guests. The Attendees highly interacted by asking questions on how to develop and succeed in what they are passionate about.

Ms. Rola Mourdaa, Manager of the Teaching and Learning Center, praised the content of the presentation and audience for participating. Stating that following your passion is an important prerequisite for success.
“I believe the first step to invest in yourself is to find your passion. You will be extremely powerful when you focus on what excites you,” said Ms. Mourdaa

Posted on Nov. 10, 2019

ACK Holds 3rd Annual Blood Drive

As a part of its corporate social responsibility, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Department at ACK organized the 3rd annual blood drive. The campaign entitled “Every Drop Matters,” was held from the 15th to the 17th of October, 2019 and was sponsored by Online Institute and ACK MyPrint.

Following with the success of the previous blood drives held by ACK over the past two years, this year’s blood drive was extended to 3 days to meet the popular demand. The objective of the event was to propagate the significance of blood donation in saving lives, and to generate awareness about receiving and donating blood from different blood types. In order to do so, the event was themed with “Every Drop Matters.”

The event included different activities to raise awareness regarding blood donation, and these activities were organized by volunteering students under the guidance of Ms. Mariam Al-Maraghi, Healthy and Safety Business Development Manager, at ACK. During the first activity, donors were welcomed with an interactive quiz matching each blood type with the types they could donate from and to.

The event was massively successful in attracting donors which included ACK students, staff and alumni. Overall, The Central Blood bank of Kuwait collected a total of 260 blood bags from the event; however, donors who were willing to donate before the screening were a total of 304 people.

Showing her gratitude to those who made the success of the event possible, Ms. Al-Maraghi said “The rank of humanitarian is a rank only a few can achieve, and our dear students and staff were able to achieve it through this campaign”.

ACK would like to thank its community for participation. The drive would not have been successful without the collaboration of departments and volunteering students who were an added

Posted on Nov. 3, 2019