ACK’s Educational Australian Tour 2019

Thank you to H.E Jonathan Gilbert, Australian Ambassador to Kuwait, for generously hosting a Farewell BBQ for our students who are departing to Australia for the annual Summer Educational Tour next week! The students loved talking all things Australian before they head off on their exciting tour that includes Brisbane, Gold Coast, Rockhampton, Sydney and Melbourne.

Posted on July. 11, 2019

ACK Awards Junior Aviation Camp Participants

As part of its efforts to help the youth of Kuwait, the Center for Continuous Education (CCE) at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) and the School of Aviation at ACK, held a ceremony awarding the students who participated in their first ever Junior Aviation Camp.

The ceremony was held on Thursday, July 4th, and awarded eight students who took part in the Junior Aviation Camp. The camp was meant as a gateway for teens, aged 14 and up, to enter the aviation industry. During the camp, students were taught about airplane maintenance, got to work with a live aircraft, and were taught about flying using a flight simulator.

The camp lasted for two weeks, during which the students’ had a mixture of theoretical learning and practical lessons. The students learned how aircrafts operated, the different parts of the plane, and the science of flight. As for the practical aspect, the students were taught to fly using a flight simulator in order to experience what it is like to be a pilot. The students also experienced hands-on learning in the workshop and on a live aircraft to learn the responsibilities of an aircraft engineer.

According to Mr. David Reuben, Aviation Teaching Assistant at ACK, the camp was a valuable experience for the students because of the hands-on learning which helped them apply what they have learned in the classroom. “The unique opportunity that we have offered is for students to learn using all five senses. They got to read, they got to watch, they got to learn, and they got to work with their hands,” said Mr. Reuben. “We, as educators, know that this is one of the best lessons that students get to have. This is an experience that no student will ever forget.”

The students enjoyed the practical training of the camp, and said it made the camp stand out to them compared to the traditional learning methods.

“We’re not only sitting down to learn here,” said Ahmad Khaja, one of the students at the camp. “We are getting moved around the hanger, the plane, and the workshop. The workshop was probably the most fun.” “Thanks to the camp, me and my colleagues can now get into the plane with confidence,” Khaja said.

ACK would like to thank the students who participated in this camp for challenging themselves and helping make the camp a success.

Posted on July. 10, 2019

ACK Awards Junior Engineers Camp Participants

The Center of Continuous Education (CCE) at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) held a ceremony to honor the students who participated in the first ever Junior Engineers Camp.
The Junior Engineers Camp was organized by the CCE in collaboration with the School of Engineering as a part of its efforts to help the youth of Kuwait to reach their full potentials. The camp gave high school students, aged 14 and up, an opportunity to learn more about engineering at ACK in the period of ten days.At the camp, students were taught how to conduct experiments and were also taught about important safety aspects of lab work. The focus of the experiments was on the four engineering majors offered by ACK; Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and Petroleum.

The students who took part in the camp described the experience as valuable, fun, and a great way to learn during summer break.

“The camp was very beneficial, it gave us an excellent opportunity to learn more things and to explore our options.” said Noor Basel Al Obaid, one of the students at the camp. “You can rarely find something academic for teens in Kuwait, and I think it was a great initiative from ACK to provide us with this opportunity. I appreciate that they recognize the youth and their needs.”

The students worked well with the instructors which ensured the success of the camp. Dr. Michel Nahas, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at ACK commented: “I personally enjoyed teaching them. They were very enthusiastic and attentive to our instructions. The students worked well together as they explored the four engineering majors.”

ACK would like to thank all the parents along with the Junior Engineers who challenged themselves in this camp and proved their abilities.

Posted on July. 9, 2019